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MNIST classifier built for TensorFlow Lite - Android, iOS and other "lite" platforms
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TensorFlow 2.0 (alpha)

This respository contains Jupyter Notebook with the code running on TensorFlow 2.0 alpha. As this is not yet stable version, entire code may break in any moment. Notebook was created just for the Colaboratory environment. It requires some changes to make it working on Docker environment described in the blog post.

Open In Colab

TensorFlow 1.x

Open In Colab

Example TensorFlow Lite implementation of MNIST classifier. This project was created to show how to build the simplest Machine Learning model and use it in mobile app. For more details see:

Blog post: Mobile intelligence - TensorFlow Lite classification model in Android

Jupyter Notebook containing: model training, export and converstion to TensorFlow Lite.

Example video

MNIST classifier in Android app

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