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This repo contains the build environment used to build Mezzano.  As
part of this procedure, Mezzano itself is cloned as a sub-project to
this project.  Therefore, an independent clone of Mezzano is


A recent 64-bit version of SBCL with Unicode support is required.
SBCL may be obtained at
Versions 1.2.4, 1.2.10, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.5, and 1.4.5  are known to work.
Newer versions should work, but have not been tested.

The following systems should be installed using Quicklisp:

To install the packages with Quicklisp, install SBCL and Quicklisp.  Then at a shell prompt, run:
sbcl --script /path/to/quicklisp.lisp
(on Debian and Ubuntu based Linux systems, if you install Quicklisp through the package manager it's in sbcl --script /usr/share/cl-quicklisp/quicklisp.lisp)
In SBCL type each of the following commands:
(ql:quickload "Alexandria")
(ql:quickload "Iterate")
(ql:quickload "Nibbles")
(ql:quickload "CL-PPCRE")
(ql:quickload "CL-FAD")

Additionally, you will need VirtualBox to create the vmdk file and either QEMU or VirtualBox to run it.

Quick Start

0. Run "git submodule update --init"
   Set SBCL and FILE_SERVER_IP in the top-level Makefile.
   SBCL must point at the SBCL binary, and FILE_SERVER_IP to the IP address
   of the local machine.
   Note! Addresses on networks are not supported (such as, as
   this conflicts with the network provided by QEMU and VirtualBox.
   IPv6 addresses are not supported.

1. Run "make cold-image-vmdk"
   This will build a cold image suitable for use with VirtualBox, and
   should only take a few minutes.

2. Run "make run-file-server"
   The file-server must be running during step 3.

3. Configure a VirtualBox VM to point at the new mezzano.vmdk image and run it.
   VM settings:
   General->Type: Other
            Version: Other/Unknown (64-bit)
   System->Motherboard->Base Memory: 512MB
   System->Acceleration->Enable VT-x/AMV-V: enabled
                         Enable Nested Paging: enabled
   Storage->IDE controller with mezzano.vmdk attached on the Primary Master hard disk.
   Network->Adapter 1: enabled
            Attached to: NAT
            Adapter Type (advanced): virtio-net
   Serial Ports->Port 1: enabled
            Port Mode: Raw file
            Path: /some/file
   Audio->Audio Controller: Intel HD Audio

Due to the use of submodules you need to run "git submodule update --init" after pulling to update to the latest version.

Using QEMU/KVM instead of VirtualBox

After building a cold image and starting the file-server as
described by the Quick Start section above run
"make qemu" or "make kvm" to run QEMU.
Using KVM is recommended as it is much faster than QEMU.

Note that the first time you run Mezzano, a lot of the code is compiled and boot time can take ten minutes or more on slow machines.  Subsequent boots are much faster, typically under two minutes.