The emergency preparedness kit preparator.
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The emergency preparedness kit preparator. Made with Create React App.


  1. Run npm install in the project directory.
  2. To start the app with 🔥 reloading, run npm start.

Deploying to Firebase

Credit to Codementor/Yuriy Linnyk.

  1. Install the Firebase CLI with npm install -g firebase-tools.
  2. Run firebase init in your project directory and follow the setup guide. Select 'yes' if asked if you want to configure your app as a single-page app. Select 'no' if asked to overwrite build/index.html.
  3. Now install Firebase itself with npm install --save firebase.
  4. Create a file called fire.js in the src directory.
  5. Create a Web project in Firebase and copy the apiKey, authDomain, etc. from the Firebase console into fire.js:
// src/fire.js
import firebase from 'firebase'

var config = {
    apiKey: "your-api-key",
    authDomain: "your-auth-domain",
    databaseURL: "your-db-url",
    projectId: "your-project-Id",
    storageBucket: "",
    messagingSenderId: "your-sender-id"
var fire = firebase.initializeApp(config)

export default fire
  1. Set your Database rules in databse.rules.json according to the Firebase guidelines.
  2. Run npm run build and npm run deploy to build the app and deploy it to Firebase hosting.