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A SilverStripe module providing foundation for pages with listed records.
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A SilverStripe module providing foundation for pages with listed records.

  • All applied via extensions, so you can maintain your own Page class data structures
  • Ability for listed pages (blog posts, for example) to be listed on site root and/or underneath Root pages (blog, for example)
  • Index pages - akin to blog root page, but is more independent, it doesn't actually house listed pages/posts underneath it
  • Root and Index pages managed within SiteTree
  • ListedPages able to be managed in their Root page in the SiteTree, and/or in their own Admin, and can be hidden from SiteTree

This needs a whole heap more documentation, and even some example implementations. One thing at a time! But this is in use on several production sites, it's ready to roll.

Feel free to submit any questions as issues in the meantime.



composer require fromholdio/silverstripe-listings

Details & Usage

Install, and then apply the extensions to your page classes/data structures.

More thorough docs to come. In the meantime please submit questions as issues.

To Do

  • Documentation and usage examples
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