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A small SilverStripe module that applies pagination functionalities to a Controller and its datalist/s
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A small SilverStripe module that applies pagination functionalities to a Controller and its datalist/s.

  • Extends the core PaginatedList to also have AbsoluteNextLink and AbsolutePrevLink (in addition to regular NextLink and PrevLink)
  • Adds (int) PagedLimit to the extended Page
  • Extends the PageController to get a DataList, wrap it in a PaginatedList, applies the PagedLimit and returns it

Note that you do not need to extend a Page, you can simply add the extension to a Controller that is already returning a DataList and the extension will provide the pagination capability.

This module is really just a timesaver for otherwise repetitive and often used functionality.



composer require fromholdio/silverstripe-paged

Details & Usage

Install, and then apply:

  • PagedSiteTreeExtension to your Page class (or subclass)
  • PagedControllerExtension to your PageController class (or subclass)

On your extended Controller, you must set the following config variable to point the pagination to the source DataList:

  paged_source_method: 'getMyFullDataList'

If you do not have a page associated to the controller, you can define a per-page-limit on the controller too:

  paged_limit: 12

Review the source, you'll find some hooks in there to update the paginated list and or limit from your base/extended classes, too.

More thorough docs to come. In the meantime please submit questions as issues.

To Do

  • Better docs
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