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SimpleWorker => Twitter


  • SimpleWorker keys
  • Twitter application keys

How to obtain your keys

  1. Go to the Twitter developer portal to create a new application Printscreen for step #1
  2. Click on the "Create a new application" button Printscreen for step #2
  3. Fill in the form Printscreen for step #3
  4. Agree to some legal stuff and fail the Dyslexic test Printscreen for step #4
  5. If all goes well, you should see this: Printscreen for step #5
  6. Grab your Consumer keys Printscreen for step #6
  7. Then go back to the top, click on the "Settings" tab Printscreen for step #9
  8. Then scroll down to the "Application Type" section, and select the "Read and Write" radio button Printscreen for step #10
  9. POST the form Printscreen for step #11
  10. WAIT A LONG TIME then request your Access Token Printscreen for step #7
  11. Grab a cup of tea, then hit F5. You should see this: Printscreen for step #8
  12. Swap to your weapon of choice text editor
  13. Put your keys into the twitter.yml file, along with SimpleWorker keys, then ruby twitter_runner.rb
  14. Check your Twitter page