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Navigation module for Craft CMS
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Navee for Craft CMS

Simple Navigation, Made Simple. Build any kind of navigation you like, without limitation. Rewritten from the ground up for Craft CMS.

Navee for craft control panel


  • Flexible navigations made up of assets, categories, custom urls and entries (singles, channels and structures).
  • Output a simple nested unordered list or create custom html for your navigation.
  • Custom field groups per navigation.
  • Limit node visibility to specific User Groups.
  • Dynamic navigation based on current active node.
  • Easily create breadcrumbs.


Full documentation can be found in the wiki.


Outputting simple nested unordered lists can be as simple as:

{{ craft.navee.nav('mainNavigation') }}

Or you can roll your own HTML:

{% set navConfig = {
        'startwithActive' : true,
        'maxDepth' : 2,
        'activeClassOnAncestors' : true,
        'ancestorActiveClass' : 'activeAncestor',
    } %}

{% set navigation = craft.navee.getNav('mainNavigation', navConfig) %}

    {% nav node in navigation %}
        <li{% if node.class %} class="{{ node.class }}"{% endif %}>
            <a href="{{ }}">{{ node.title }}</a>
            {% ifchildren %}
                <ul>{% children %}</ul>
            {% endifchildren %}
    {% endnav %}

Read more about your tag options in the wiki.

Configuring Your Navigation

Navee comes with lots of great options for configuring your navigation. Read about all available parameters in the wiki.

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