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Automatically generates an mp3 track that guides you through an interval workout.
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Automatically generate an mp3 track that guides you through an interval workout.

About generates an mp3 file that provides sound prompts for doing interval exercises. The goal of this project is to prevent a user from needing to look at a clock while performing an interval workout and be able to perform a long series of exercises without having to think hard about what comes next. To achieve this, this program can process a long sequence of exercises that one would like to perform and generates text-to-speech prompts and time allotments to perform these exercises.

The following parameters are customizable

  • Spoken exercise prompts (e.g. 'jumping jacks' or 'push ups') (automated by Google Text-to-Speech)
  • Background mp3 music
  • Exercise and rest interval timing

The output mp3 describes which exercise is next, and will play music for the period that is specified. The example file, sample_30_10.mp3 plays music for 30 seconds for performing an exercise and is silent for 10 seconds for rest and prepping for next exercise. The sample file was generated using a clip of the audio from this youtube video.


pydub - this is a great api btw

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