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Minimalist serverless framework.


  • flexible — APIs, server-rendered apps, static sites, etc
  • unopinionated — build whatever you want
  • no runtime — use any frontend framework
  • thin — not many features
  • small — easy to contribute to
  • extensible — simple plugin API
  • future-proof — TypeScript + deploy anywhere

Quick Start

Presta is just thin wrapper around AWS-flavored serverless functions + a simple local dev server. Here's a simple Presta file, which you can run right now with npx presta dev index.ts:

// index.ts
import { Handler } from 'presta'

export const route: string = '*'

export const getStaticPaths: string[] = () => {
  return ['/']

export const handler: Handler = (ev, ctx) => {
  return {
    statusCode: 200,
    body: `You're looking at path ${ev.path}`,


Docs can be found here in the repo. For the rest of the ecosystem, see the following READMEs:


We'd love your help getting Presta to v1.0.0. Have a look at the contributing doc or say hello in a new Issue. Also please review our code of conduct.


MIT License © Front of House