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A collection of utilities for working with MDX

  • mdx-constant

    Exports a constant from MDX files that don't explicitly define it. Useful for implementing front matter with gray-matter.

  • mdx-loader

    A batteries included loader for MDX.

    • Emoji support via remark-emoji
    • Image urls are automatically embedded as images via remark-images
    • All headings have id slugs added via remark-slug
    • Code blocks have markup for syntax highlighting via prismjs and rehype-prism. Note: you'll still need to import the prism stylesheet yourself.
    • Front matter is exported on a frontMatter object via gray-matter.
    • A table of contents object is exported on the tableOfContents object via mdx-table-of-contents.
  • mdx-table-of-contents

    An MDX plugin that exports a tableOfContents object, along with the exported component.

  • mdx.macro

    An MDX macro to facilitate usage of MDX with create-react-app, without ejecting.