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Frontier forms npm version

Data-driven forms that let you focus on what matters: your application.

Provide a GraphQL mutation and <Frontier/> will do the rest for you.

Both fast to use and performant ⚡!

➡️ See all capabilites by watching the introduction talk from React Europe 2019!

import gql from "graphql-tag";
import { Frontier } from "frontier-forms";
import { myApplicationKit } from "./uiKit";
import { client } from "./apollo-client";

const mutation = gql`
    mutation($user: User!) {
      createUser(user: $user) { id }

  • Simple

    You already know how to use Frontier, because it works like other form libraries.
    More, Frontier will bring you the full data lifecycle management, with zero configuration.

  • Scalable

    Just define your Application Frontier UI-kit.
    Then, take advantage of the UI-kit full rendering feature to bring consistent UX to your users.

  • Iterative

    Choose your way to build forms, with or without Frontier UI-kit.
    Frontier will adapt to your needs.


In order to use Frontier, you will need:

  • react (^16.8.6)
  • apollo-client (^2.5.1)
  • graphql-tag (^2.10.1)

Then, install frontier-forms:

yarn add frontier-forms


npm i frontier-forms