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Smart AdServer

If you are using Smart AdServer, please remember that you have to provide us your networkId as well, the ID of the account at Smart AdServer.

Ad unit properties

Parameter name description required
siteId Identifies the website. yes
pageId Identifies the page on the website. yes
formatId Identifies the format (medium rectangle, skyscraper, etc.) yes
width Width of the ad unit. yes
height Height of the ad unit. If callType is std, this value will be the minimum height. yes
callType The type of call used to get the ad. Possible values are std and iframe. yes

{% hint style="info" %} iframe is safer, but can't be used with the dynamic-height option or with "Rich Media Templates". In std, an ad could take control of the whole DOM and manipulate it. {% endhint %}

Where to find your ad properties

For the example above, values for the properties are: