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Module uses AppDaemon to dynamically set light color temperatures
based on time of day. Note that this is similar to the homeassistant
component flux switch, but built in a custom way to not have race
conditions within the core (occasionally automations won't trigger
and turning the switch off won't actually do anything... at least in
my experience, that is)
There are two color-changing segments:
sunrise --> from sunrise+offset to day+offset
sunset --> from sunset+offset to night+offset
in between sunrise and sunset, we are at day
in between sunset and sunrise we are at night
appdaemon.yaml setup example:
module: flux
class: Flux
constrain_input_boolean: input_boolean.flux
light: light.couch_left,light.couch_right,light.corner
import appdaemon.plugins.hass.hassapi as hass
import datetime as dt
import pytz
DEBUG = False
class Flux(hass.Hass):
def initialize(self):
# Colors dict contains:
# Color temperature
# Starting offset in minutes
self.colors = {
'sunrise': {'temp': 3000, 'offset': -45},
'day': {'temp': 5000, 'offset': 30},
'sunset': {'temp': 3000, 'offset': -45},
'night': {'temp': 2700, 'offset': 60}
self.offsets = {}
for key, value in self.colors.items():
self.offsets[key] = dt.timedelta(minutes=value['offset'])
self.current_time = self.time()
self.run_minutely(self.update_color, self.current_time)
for light in self.split_device_list(self.args['light']):
self.listen_state(self.update_on_change, light)
def update_on_change(self, entity, attribute, old, new, kwargs):
if self.get_state(entity) == "on" and old == "off":
def determine_color_state(self, now):
sunrise = self.sunrise() - dt.timedelta(days=1)
sunset = self.sunset() - dt.timedelta(days=1)
self.times = {
'sunrise': sunrise + self.offsets['sunrise'],
'day': sunrise + self.offsets['day'],
'sunset': sunset + self.offsets['sunset'],
'night': sunset + self.offsets['night']
now_time = now.time()
if now_time <= self.times['sunrise'].time():
return 'night'
elif now_time >= self.times['sunrise'].time() and now_time < self.times['day'].time():
return 'sunrise'
elif now_time >= self.times['day'].time() and now_time < self.times['sunset'].time():
return 'day'
elif now_time >= self.times['sunset'].time() and now_time < self.times['night'].time():
return 'sunset'
elif now_time >= self.times['night'].time():
return 'night'
# If something errored, just assume we are in night mode
return 'night'
def calculate_progress(self, now, state):
if state == 'sunrise':
start = self.times['sunrise']
end = self.times['day']
elif state == 'sunset':
start = self.times['sunset']
end = self.times['night']
return 1
progress = round((now - start) / (end - start), 2)
return progress
def calculate_color(self, state, progress):
if state == 'sunrise':
color_delta = self.colors['day']['temp'] - self.colors['night']['temp']
new_color = self.colors['night']['temp'] + progress*color_delta
if new_color > self.colors['day']['temp']:
new_color = self.colors['day']['temp']
elif state == 'sunset':
color_delta = self.colors['day']['temp'] - self.colors['night']['temp']
new_color = self.colors['day']['temp'] - progress*color_delta
if new_color < self.colors['night']['temp']:
new_color = self.colors['night']['temp']
elif state == 'day':
new_color = self.colors['day']['temp']
elif state == 'night':
new_color = self.colors['night']['temp']
return new_color
def update_color(self, kwargs):
now =
color_state = self.determine_color_state(now)
progress = self.calculate_progress(now, color_state)
new_color = self.calculate_color(color_state, progress)
mired = int(1e6 / new_color)
brightness = 254
self.log("Now={}: Sunrise={}, Sunset={}, State={}, Progress={}, Color={}".format(
now.time(), self.sunrise().time(), self.sunset().time(), color_state, progress, new_color))
for light in self.split_device_list(self.args["light"]):
if self.get_state(light) == 'on':
self.turn_on(light, color_temp=mired, brightness=brightness)