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Froont demo project

This is example of a webpage exported from Froont


You can see how the exported page would look on your server right here (in GitHub pages):

By the way, that "Made with Froont" badge will not be there in your exported page. It's just there because this is our demo page. So don't be shy, click on it and start hacking on your own Froont page.

Made with Froont badge

Webpage content:

  • /css folder contains css files for the page
    • base.css - is general Froont stylesheet and reset styles to make project styles work correctly
    • style.css - are styles of elements in this project
  • /images folder contains all images that where uploaded to Froont and used in this project
  • /js folder contains all JavaScript files necessary for the page. There are several libraries from Froont.
    • page-script.js file is the main JavaScript file that initializes effects and all other JS in the page.
  • /vendor folder contains opensource JavaScript libraries necessary for the page, like jQuery.
  • /index.html file is the HTML file from which the page consists of. Opening it will show you how the page looks like.