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Frootlab Shared Library
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Frootlab Shared Library

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The Frootlab Shared Library (flib) is a multi-purpose Python library, which primarily aims to support Frootlab projects by serving as a common base library. It was originally created in 2019 for the Smart Analytics project to separate Pandora and Nemoa. The majority of the provided modules, however, are kept generic to facilitate their application beyond Frootlab projects as well.

The Frootlab Shared Library is open source, based on the Python programming language and actively developed at Frootlab.

Current Development Status

The individual modules comprised within the Frootlab Shared Library are in different development stages, ranging from Planning to Mature. In case of doubt, the individual stages can be requested by the authors listed within the __authors__ attribute of the respective modules.


Comprehensive information and installation support is provided within the online manual. If you already have a Python environment configured on your computer, you can install the latest distributed version by using pip:

$ pip install flib


The documentation of the latest distributed version is available as an online manual and for download, given in the formats PDF, EPUB and HTML.


Contributors are very welcome! Feel free to report bugs and feature requests to the issue tracker provided by GitHub. Currently, as the Frootlab Developers team still is growing, we do not provide any Contribution Guide Lines to collaboration partners. However, if you are interested to join the team, we would be glad, to receive an informal application.


The Frootlab Shared Library is open source and available free for any use under the GPLv3 license:

© 2019 Frootlab Developers:
  Patrick Michl <>
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