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FrOSCon (S)ponsoring (a)nd (Bo)oth (T)oolkit
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This is the Sponsoring and Booth Toolkit used by FrOSCon to manage their sponsors, exhibitors and devrooms.

Although everything is currently glued together, the three modules can be used mostly independently of each other. The sponsoring module can even be seen as two models - one to manage the sponsors and another to manage invoices. It can very well be used without the invoice functionalities.

The software was (and still is) designed with FrOSCon and its organization processes in mind. Consequently, it may not fit 100% to your needs. However, we hope that it provides you with a large codebase that is (more or less) easily adaptable to your needs using Django's automagic generation features.

The development cycle of this project follows the preparation of FrOSCon and thus often requires a fast implementation of new features. This leads to a software quality that is in some parts of the code lower than I would like it to be. Anyway, I try to clean up the code when I find the time later on. Nevertheless, I believe the basic ideas and concepts are clean.

Most of the software can be run standalone. Motivated by our software environment, SaBoT integrates with RT as ticket service for the sponsors functionality. Moreover, we use as a service provider to send out good old snail mails (hard copy version of the invoices).

Additionally, we use django-auth-ldap in our production environment to support LDAP user management for the organization team.

In case you're considering using SaBoT for your conference and still have questions, feel free to contact me.

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