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Guard against security risks and unused dependencies
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Automated check to use as a guard against security risks and unused, missing or outdated dependencies.

Can be used standalone, but is highly customized for use by Frosti Boilerplates.

Scan For Security Vulnerabilities

Utilizes npm audit to scan project dependencies for any know vulnerabilities.

Find Unused, Missing & OUt Of Date Dependencies

Uses depcheck to look for any missing or unused dependencies in your projects package.json file.



As a Module
$ npm install @frosti/asguard
$ npm install @frosti/asguard -g

Automated scanning

The recommended usage is as an npm script in conjunction with something like Husky to automatically run before pushing any code into source control:

  "scripts": {
    "check": "asguard"
  "husky": {
    "hooks": {
      "pre-push": "npm run check"

Manual scanning

If you prefer to just run your checks manually, you can also simply run Asguard directly:

Installed globally
$ asguard
Installed as a module
$ npx asguard


Warn Only

By default Asguard will throw an error and exit with process.exit(1) if it encounters any problems.

If you would prefer to just show a warning instead of throwing an error, you can use the --warn flag.

$ asguard --warn
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