FROSTT: the Formidable Repository of Open Sparse Tensors and Tools.
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The Formidable Repository of Open Sparse Tensors and Tools.

Project structure

The FROSTT website is written with Jekyll and has the following project structure:
  -  _layouts : Page layouts, including the dataset page layout.
  -  _pages   : A catch-all for pages.
  -  _posts   : News items.
  -  tensors  : Pages concerning the collection, that aren't actually tensors.
  -  _tensors : Markdown tensor pages.
  - scripts   : Scripts for generating tensor pages.


You can build and serve FROSTT for local development:

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec jekyll serve --watch --detach
$ bundle exec jekyll build --watch

Then just point your browser to localhost:4000. You can edit any files and simply refresh the page. However, if you edit _config.yml, you need to kill and restart the jekyll build command.


FROSTT thrives on community contributions. Pull requests and issues are encouraged. To make a contribution, just fork this repository, create a branch (with a descriptive name, please!), and issue a pull request through Github.