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The ultimate (GPL) Web browser component for Java. Light, Simple.


  • No announcement from Sun/Oracle in years in respect with a Swing Web Browser component.
  • The only thing they have going is JavaFX, but you don't want to include JavaFX in your project.
  • The abandonment of JDIC.
  • HTML5 everywhere.

We dived into the JDIC code and rescued it to create a Web browser component for Java, one that is light (less than 30Kb on MacOSX and 185Kb on Windows), best of all simple to use.

WebBrowser browser = BrowserFactory.instance().createBrowser();
browser.setListener(this); //See the WebBrowser interface for the available events.

someJPanel.add(browser.getComponent(), BorderLayout.CENTER);

 * Register a Java function to invoke it from the JavaScript world.
 * (Javascript functions must only receive a String parameter for now,
 * what we do is pass A json formatted string here)
 * /
browser.function(new BrowserFunction("testFn") {
    public String run(String data) {
        return "Callback: " + data;

 * This is how you invoke the function from JavaScript:
 *   testFn(data);
 *  An alternate form of invoking this function would be:
 *    window.jbrowser.callJava("testFn",data);

//And this is how you invoke JavaScript from the Java World.
browser.runJS("alert('test alert');");