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-*- mode: outline -*-
* Version 0.4, released 10-05-2005
** bugfixes
Context diff printing is "more correct".
When printing unified diff windows, the header line ("@@ ... @@") is no
longer printed twice.
** changes
DIFF now depends on CL-PPCRE.
** new features
A patch-reading interface has been added. It currently supports unified
and "new-style" context diffs. Applying patches will be added in a
future release. See DIFF::READ-PATCHES-FROM-FILE for a preliminary
interface to reading patches.
* Version 0.3, released 02-01-2005
** new features
Supports generation of "context"-style diffs (diff -c). As with
unified-style diffs, the diffs may not exactly match the diffs generated
by GNU diff, but GNU patch (or similar) should be able to use the diffs.
The internal interface has been reorganized somewhat. There is now a
DIFF class and PRINT-OBJECT is used in preference to specially-written
PRINT-FOO functions.
An interface is actually exported from package DIFF. GENERATE-DIFF
seems to be a reasonable interface for making diffs of all kinds;
suggestions for a better interface are always appreciated (in
particular, there should be an interface for diffing arbitrary streams).
** incompatible changes
DIFF::*UNIFIED-DIFF-CONTEXT-LINES* has been renamed to
DIFF::*DIFF-CONTEXT-LINES*, as it can be used for both unified and
context diffs.
DIFF::PRINT-DIFF has been removed in favor of PRINT-OBJECT functionality.
* Version 0.2, released 27-05-2004
** new features
An ASDF packaging file has been added.
This package creates and uses the DIFF package.
An implementation of the vdelta binary differencing algorithm has been
Unified diff generation now produces Lisp objects to sling around rather
than writing the diff to a stream as it is being generated (change made
as per #lisp suggestions).
** tests
A small set of test files have been included with the distribution.
* Version 0.1, released 24-05-2004
Initial release