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-*- mode: outline -*-
* Version 0.31, released 2012-07-01
** bug fixes
Fixed a problem with digest buffering introduced in Ironclad 0.29.
(Thanks to Zach Beane for the bug report.)
MD5 on some versions of Lispworks works correctly again; unfortunately
this change required disabling the improved MD5 implementation added in
Ironclad 0.30. (Thanks to Chhi'mèd Künzang for the bug report.)
Some compiler warnings on Lispworks have been fixed. (Thanks to
Chhi'mèd Künzang for the bug report.)
The digest functions now really check their types instead of incorrectly
relying on DECLARE to provide the necessary type checks. (Thanks to
dbunner-de on Github for the bug report.)
** improvements
Encryption and decryption with block ciphers and small numbers of blocks
should be somewhat faster.
Several small improvements have been made to the digest code which may
make it slightly faster when hashing short blocks of data.
The modular inverse code has been made significantly faster, which
should improve performance of public-key algorithms. (Thanks to Robert
Several digest tests should no longer fail on Clozure CL. There have
been reports of tests taking inordinate amounts of time on various CCL
versions on various platforms, however. (CCL 1.8, for instance, works
fine on Linux/x86-64, but explodes on Windows.)
** new features
An implementation of the Fortuna pseudo-random number generator has been
added. Please see the documentation for details. (Thanks to Robert Uhl
for the implementation.)
* Version 0.30, released 2012-03-27
** bug fixes
Fixed a bug in COPY-DIGEST for SHA224 and SHA384. (Thanks to Robert Uhl
for noticing.)
** improvements
Added a Lispworks-specific MD5 implementation. (Thanks to Pierre R. Mai
for the implementation and Klaus Harbo for integrating it into
Fixed bugs with *PRINT-CASE* and Allegro CL's modern mode. (Thanks to
Robert Uhl and Hans Huebner.)
Ironclad now uses nibbles for its internal word-reffing and -setting
functions. This change should speed up most operations by a small
amount on x86oid SBCL platforms.
SHA-512/384 should be somewhat faster on x86-64 SBCL.
The copy of rt.lisp included for testing has been updated to match the
version commonly in use. (Thanks to Anton Vodonosov for pointing this
* Version 0.29, released 2011-11-17
** bug fixes
Fixed ENCRYPTED-MESSAGE-LENGTH (not a supported interface) for ECB and
CBC modes. (Thanks to Ron Garrett.)
The compiler macros for the high-level digest functions now cope with
the user's setting of *PRINT-CASE*. (Thanks to Robert Uhl.)
** improvements
Assembler versions of several core functions have been added for x86 and
x86-64 SBCL. The functions include:
- octet copy loops;
- SHA1's core functions;
- SHA256's core expand function.
You need a recent SBCL to compile Ironclad now.
** new features
Added PBKDF convenience functions. (Thanks to Vladimir Sedach.)
* Version 0.28, released 2010-03-26
** bug fixes
Fixed errors on 32-bit big-endian CMUCL and SBCL. (Thanks to Raymond
Fixed an error with INTEGER-TO-OCTETS :BIG-ENDIAN NIL. (Thanks to
Daniel Janus.)
** improvements
The code has been tweaked to generate less code for platforms that do
not support inlined 32-bit arithmetic.
** new features
Trees hashes are now supported, including the most common variant, Tiger
tree hashes. Please see the documentation for details. (Thanks to Fare
* Version 0.27, released 2009-03-28
** bug fixes
Fixed several issues that came up with Allegro CL 8.1. (Thanks to
Utz-Uwe Haus.)
Fixed compilation issues when the user had a non-standard *PRINT-CASE*.
(Thanks to Gustavo.)
Fixed an issue with LispWorks's recent update for conformance with
DEFSTRUCT's specification. (Thanks to John Fremlin.)
** improvements
HMAC-DIGEST now supports placing the produced digest into a
user-provided buffer. Please see the documentation for details.
HMAC now supports digests with larger block sizes than 64 bytes (such as
HMAC should be somewhat more efficient when producing digests.
REINITIALIZE-INSTANCE is now supported on HMAC objects. Please see the
documentation for details.
CLEAR-OUTPUT is now supported on digesting streams.
** new features
The SHA-224, SHA2-384 and SHA2-512 digest functions have been added,
with tests.
Key derivation functions from PKCS #5 have been added.
On Gray streams-supporting implementations, WRITE-SEQUENCE is supported
on several stream classes, with more to come.
* Version 0.26, released 2008-05-17
** bug fixes
RC6 now compiles without error on non-x86 SBCL. (Thanks to Kevin Reid.)
** incompatible changes
PRODUCE-DIGEST now *modifies* the state of the digest object passed to
it. If you want to preserve that state for later, you will have to
explicitly call COPY-DIGEST.
** improvements
Compiler macros were added to improve the performance of
DIGEST-{SEQUENCE,STREAM,FILE}. (Thanks to Attila Lendvai for motivating
Digest performance should be improved due to using structures; this
change should bring digest performance back in line with where it was
circa version 0.22.
* Version 0.25, released 2008-02-24
** bug fixes
CRC32 now works properly and agrees with other CRC32 implementations.
(Thanks to Todd Sabin.)
The testsuite is once again included. (Thanks to Peter Graves for
pointing out the missing files.)
** improvements
optimized and should perform better. (Thanks to Attila Lendvai for the
A compiler macro was added to improve the performance of MAKE-DIGEST.
MAKE-DIGEST should also be faster in cases where the compiler macro does
not apply. (Thanks to Attila Lendvai for motivating this.)
** new features
The null cipher has been added to ease implementation of some security
protocols. It is a block cipher with a BLOCK-LENGTH of 8 bytes.
* Version 0.24, released 2008-02-09
** bug fixes
A bogus DECLAIM in Whirlpool's implementation has been fixed.
** improvements
The way Whirlpool's registers are represented was changed slightly; the
new representation should be slightly more efficient and silences an
error in OpenMCL and LispWorks. Due to the changes, it is recommended
that you compile this version of Ironclad in a fresh Lisp instance.
(Thanks to Chun Tian.)
Lispworks support for octet streams has been added. OpenMCL support for
octet streams has been tweaked and should actually work now. (Thanks to
Chun Tian.)
* Version 0.23, released 31-12-2007
** bug fixes
VERIFY-SIGNATURE for DSA signatures now respects the START and END
keyword arguments. (Thanks to Ildar.)
** improvements
More refactoring of the internals has been performed; Ironclad should be
slightly smaller as a result.
Digest finalization on most digest types should cons significantly less.
** new features
REINITIALIZE-INSTANCE is now supported on digest objects.
CLEAR-OUTPUT is now supported on octet output streams.
A compiler macro was added to improve the performance of MAKE-CIPHER.
The Whirlpool digest function has been added, with tests. (Thanks to
Peter Gijsels.)
DIGEST-FILE, DIGEST-STREAM, and UPDATE-DIGEST with a stream to update
from now accept three new keyword arguments: :BUFFER to specify a
temporary buffer into which the data from the file/stream should be
read, and :START and :END to specify the extent of the buffer that
should be used.
DIGEST-FILE, DIGEST-STREAM, and DIGEST-SEQUENCE now also accept a digest
object as their first argument in addition to a digest specifier.
* Version 0.22, released 12-06-2007
** bug fixes
Fixed issues with octet streams and Allegro CL. (Thanks to
Fixed a bug in some type declarations that was causing XCL to (rightly)
complain when compiling Ironclad. (Thanks to Peter Graves.)
The rsa.lisp file previously advertised to be in the distribution is now
actually present. (Thanks to oudeis.)
** new features
Byte-wise CFB mode (:CFB8) encryption and decryption have been added.
(Thanks to Robert J. Macomber for suggesting this might be necessary for
interoperating with other crypto toolkits.)
UPDATE-DIGEST has new methods that can update the digest from a stream.
See the documentation for details.
* Version 0.21, released 21-04-2007
** bug fixes
Rewrote internal key-checking logic to provide a better error message
when a :KEY argument is not provided to MAKE-CIPHER. (Thanks to Mark
Fixed LIST calls that exceeded CALL-ARGUMENTS-LIMIT. (Thanks to piso on
Fixed tests to use RTEST nickname rather than RT to avoid name conflicts
for LispWorks users. (Thanks to Sven Van Caekenberghe.)
Fixed the Twofish, Blowfish, CAST5, and RC6 ciphers to work properly in
LispWorks. (Thanks to Sven Van Caekenberghe.)
Fixed a problem with DEFINE-DIGEST-REGISTERS. (Thanks to Sven Van
Fixed a problem with CMUCL and octet-streams. (Thanks to Raymond Toy.)
* Version 0.20.1, released 21-02-2007
** bug fixes
Fixed system definition to push onto *FEATURES* correctly in CMUCL.
(Thanks to Raymond Toy.)
Fixed several mismatches in the documentation between the arglists and
the prose that described them. (Thanks to Zach Beane.)
Fixed IRONCLAD-TESTS to include the 3des test vectors. (Thanks to
Raymond Toy and fe[nl]ix on #lisp who reported this.)
* Version 0.20, released 20-02-2007
** bug fixes
The "counting" part of CTR mode in SBCL has been fixed.
A bug in SHA-1 and SHA-256's usage of LOOP has been fixed.
** incompatible changes
The interface to MAKE-CIPHER has been redone. Please see the
documentation for details.
** improvements
Square, TEA, and XTEA now come with test vectors.
CRC24, CRC32, and Adler32 now come with test vectors.
The test suite has been significantly reworked. It is now somewhat
faster to execute and the compilation time for the system IRONCLAD-TESTS
has been significantly reduced.
Documentation for the library has been written; see doc/ironclad.html.
Corrections and suggestions for improvements are much appreciated.
The internals of cipher definition and ENCRYPT/DECRYPT have been
rewritten. The net result is that the footprint of Ironclad has been
reduced by ~25% (x86 SBCL) due to fewer methods being defined for each
cipher. Furthermore, adding new ciphers will add only a few methods,
rather than the large number that were created before.
** new features
the computed digest into a preallocated user-supplied buffer. Please
see the documentation for these functions for details. (Thanks to Zach
Beane for suggesting this feature.)
RSA encryption routines have been added. These are very "raw"
routines, undoubtedly in need of some polish.
Support for CMACs (NIST 800-38B and RFC 4439) has been added. (Thanks
to Koga Kazuo for an initial implementation.)
* Version 0.13, released 03-05-2006
** improvements
Added a (require :gray-streams) for CMUCL. (Thanks to Raymond Toy for
suggesting this.)
SHA-1 should now work on older versions of CLISP. (>= 2.34 or so)
Tiger is now supported on all Common Lisps, not just SBCL.
** new features
The ARCFOUR stream cipher has been added, with tests. A new mode for
ARCFOUR and similar stream ciphers, imaginatively named :STREAM, is used
when creating an ARCFOUR cipher context with MAKE-CIPHER. (Thanks to
Tim Daly Jr.)
{EN,DE}CRYPT-IN-PLACE have been added to make the programmer's intent
clearer and to provide shorter calls for common operations.
Digesting streams, which compute a specified digest of data being
written, are now available on all Lisps that support octet streams.
The digest of the data written so far may be retrieved with
* Version 0.12, released 30-01-2006
** bugfixes
Fixed XTEA decryption.
Fixed incorrect type declarations in the Adler32 digest. (Thanks to
Thas on #lisp. Thanks to Xach for permission to borrow his code from
Fixed MAKE-OCTET-INPUT-STREAM to instantiate the right class.
(Thanks to Eric Marsden.)
** new features
The RC2 block cipher has been added, with tests.
Octet streams are now supported on Allegro CL and CMUCL.
A family of functions, UB{16,32,64}REF/{BE,LE}, has been added for
referencing (UNSIGNED-BYTE {16,32,64}) values of the appropriate
endianness from octet vectors. These functions are SETF-able.
** improvements
Exported EXPT-MOD from the IRONCLAD package.
* Version 0.11, released 10-11-2005
** bugfixes
Fixed tests HMAC.0 and HMAC.1 (which would have worked had they referred
to the proper ASCII-STRING-TO-BYTE-ARRAY...). (Thanks to Raymond Toy.)
Fixed CBC mode decryption to match CBC mode encryption. *blush*
(Thanks to Travis Cross.) Sanity checks have been added to the test
suite to make this sort of thing less likely to happen in the future.
Fixed the initializer for CRC24; CRC24 now works properly.
Fixed a hashing bug common to MD{2,4,5}, SHA-1, SHA-256, RIPEMD-128,
RIPEMD-160, and Tiger when updating the digest state with an amount of
data smaller than the space remaining in the internal buffer. Tests
have been added to ensure this doesn't happen again.
Fixed DIGEST-SEQUENCE on SBCL and CMUCL to respect the fill-pointer of
a vector. (Thanks to Steve Smith.)
** new features
A new generic function to inspect supported key lengths for ciphers has
been added. By no small coincidence, it is named KEY-LENGTHS. Please
see its documentation string for details. (Thanks to Travis Cross.)
Counter mode (:CTR) encryption and decryption has been added.
Octet streams, which are like string-streams, only for octet vectors,
have been added. As of this release, they only work in SBCL and
OpenMCL; if your favorite implementation is not supported, patches are
Asymmetric encryption routines have been included in this release; only
DSA (signing and verification) routines are included. Although test
vectors are not (yet) included, this release of Ironclad was signed
using routines from Ironclad.
IMPORTANT: Please note that DSA signing of messages is on the *digest*
of the message, not the message itself. Please also note that the
DSA signing routine requires *random* numbers; it currently uses
CL:RANDOM for this purpose, which is probably *NOT* secure enough for
your needs. Please make any changes you deem necessary to the signing
routine to accomodate your security level.
Feedback is sought on the interface to the routines:
No methods on them are currently defined. Methods for RSA keys and
ElGamal keys will likely be forthcoming in a future release. Feedback
is also requested for those functions as well.
* Version 0.10, released 01-11-2005
** bugfixes
Exported several block cipher context class names that were previously
Digesting files and streams now works properly on MCL and other Lisps
that "mangle" stream-element-type. (Thanks to Hoan Ton-That.)
** new features
were moved from the IRONCLAD-TESTS package into Ironclad itself. These
functions seem useful enough to have around at all times. Please see
the docstrings for these functions for usage documentation. (Thanks to
kire on #lisp for suggesting this.)
** improvements
The memory footprint of Ironclad should be slightly reduced.
MAKE-CIPHER throws real errors for unsupported ciphers
* Version 0.9.1, released 13-09-2005
** bugfixes
Fixed problems related to non-ANSI use of SUBSEQ on circular lists.
* Version 0.9, released 13-09-2005
** bugfixes
The TripleDES block cipher now passes all included test vectors.
** new features
The RC6 block cipher has been added, with tests.
The MISTY1 block cipher has been added, with tests. MISTY1 is unique
among the current crop of ciphers supported by Ironclad, as an
implementation that uses 16-bit arithmetic rather than 32-bit is
straightforward. Therefore, MISTY1's performance should be better than,
say, DES or Blowfish on Common Lisp implementations that do not support
unboxed 32-bit arithmetic.
** performance improvements
The performance of the SHA-1 and SHA-256 hash functions should be
significantly improved.
* Version 0.8, released 29-08-2005
** bugfixes
Added missing :LOAD-TOPLEVEL to EVAL-WHEN in blowfish.lisp; tests now
pass on ACL 7.0, Linux/x86. (Thanks to chavatar on #lisp.)
Fixed a case when digesting a file would throw a TYPE-ERROR. (Thanks to
Hoan Ton-That.)
Test vectors have been added for TripleDES, which immediately caught
several bugs in the current implementation. However, many of the
TripleDES tests do not pass in the current release. Using TripleDES
until all tests pass is not recommended.
Test vectors have been added for SHA-1, which immediately caught a bug
in the production of digests. This bug has been fixed.
** new features
The RC5 cipher has been added, with tests.
The SHA-256 hash function has been added, with tests.
* Version 0.7.2, released 24-08-2005
** bugfixes
Fixed calls to ROL32 to only use positive arguments. This change should
result in more tests (particularly the Twofish tests) passing on
non-SBCL implementations. (Thanks to Raymond Toy for tracking this one
Fixed some ACL 6.2 (trial) warnings related to multiply-defined
functions, non-EVAL-WHEN'd DEFCONSTANT forms, unused variables, and an
incomplete ASDF system definition. These fixes should also eliminate
warnings in other implementations as well. (Thanks to chavatar on #lisp
for motivating this.)
* Version 0.7.1, released 23-08-2005
** bugfixes
UPDATE-HMAC now returns the HMAC object upon which it operated, rather
than internal hashing state. (Thanks to rich_holygoat on #lisp.)
Condition names are now exported from the IRONCLAD package.
FINALIZE-ADLER32-STATE was fixed to properly store and return the
computed digest. (Thanks to Raymond Toy.)
The test suite now excludes Tiger on non-SBCL Common Lisps (since Tiger
is currently only supported on SBCL). (Thanks to Raymond Toy.)
* Version 0.7, released 11-08-2005
** incompatible changes
Support for SBCL versions older than 0.9.0 has been removed.
** bugfixes
The RIPEMD family of hash functions now passes all included test vectors.
The MD4 hash function now passes all included test vectors.
The CAST5 block cipher now passes all included test vectors.
When appropriate, ARRAY-DIMENSION-LIMIT is now used to specify types
A bug related to an argument-passing mismatch between the low-level
hashing routines and their high-level counterparts has been fixed.
** new features
TripleDES has been added.
Real conditions (subclasses of IRONCLAD:IRONCLAD-ERROR) are now signaled
in several exceptional situations.
*** introspection changes
New generic functions DIGEST-LENGTH and BLOCK-LENGTH have been added.
Please see the documentation strings for these generic functions for
* Version 0.6, released 21-02-2005
** bugfixes
Due to the addition of a real, functioning test suite, many bugs have
been fixed, including an embarassing one involving decryption. While
not all of the provided digest functions and ciphers pass the test suite
yet, the number of fixes brought about by adding the test suite called
for a new release.
The AES, Twofish, IDEA, DES, and Blowfish implementations pass the test
suite along with the MD5, SHA-1 and Tiger hash function implementations.
** new features
The checksums Adler32, CRC24, and CRC32 have been added.
The IDEA and Twofish ciphers have been added.
New digest interfaces have been added. Please check the documentation
for details.
Support for HMACs has been added.
** optimizations
FETCH-UB32 and STORE-UB32 are now coded inline, which should eliminate
bignum consing in some implementations.
Better type declarations have been added to make the extraction of
word-sized data from (UNSIGNED-BYTE 32) vectors less expensive.
The Blowfish implementation has been optimized and should cons less.
The AES implementation has been optimized and should be at least 2x faster.
* Version 0.5, released 05-01-2005
** bugfixes
The Square cipher was severly broken in previous releases. This
oversight has been remedied. Other ciphers were broken in similar
ways (e.g. argument ordering problems) and the function definitions
for the cipher operation modes were broken as well. These problems have
been fixed.
** incompatible changes
Strings are no longer "digestable"--you must convert the string to a
byte vector before digesting it.
Hex strings are no longer permitted as keys for ciphers.
** introspection changes
LIST-ALL-{DIGEST,CIPHER,MODE}S so applications can determine on the fly
what algorithms are supported by the package.
** test framework added
Test vectors from official specifications have been added to the package
and ASDF definitions for a test framework have been added as well. Note
that the testing suite is not yet fully operational. :)
* Version 0.4, released 27-11-2004
Cipher keys can now be specified as hexadecimal strings or as byte
Various little cleanups were made.
* Version 0.3, released 26-11-2004
initial release
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