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only depend on SB-POSIX for #+SBCL. fixes #18

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1 parent 1011396 commit 5c98da61b7e9874fb8000a77bc2cd308ac75b35d @froydnj committed
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2 ironclad.asd
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
:maintainer "Nathan Froyd <>"
:description "A cryptographic toolkit written in pure Common Lisp"
:default-component-class ironclad-source-file
- :depends-on (#+sbcl sb-rotate-byte nibbles sb-posix)
+ :depends-on (#+sbcl sb-rotate-byte #+sbcl sb-posix nibbles)
:components ((:static-file "README")
(:static-file "LICENSE")
(:static-file "TODO")

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