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bring tree hashes into the new PRODUCE-DIGEST world

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1 parent fd1f7a9 commit 8fd2eaf0e76c7fd6b22743975365279da41f3cf3 @froydnj committed Jun 25, 2012
Showing with 9 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +9 −10 src/digests/tree-hash.lisp
19 src/digests/tree-hash.lisp
@@ -104,25 +104,24 @@ bounded by start and end, which must be numeric bounding-indices."
(update-digest digest hash2)
(produce-digest digest))
-(defmethod finalize-digest ((state tree-hash) &optional buffer buffer-start)
+(defmethod produce-digest ((state tree-hash) &key digest (digest-start 0))
(when (or (not (zerop (tree-hash-block-index state)))
(cl:null (tree-hash-branch state)))
(update-tree-hash-branch state))
- (let* ((digest (tree-hash-state state))
+ (let* ((internal-state (tree-hash-state state))
(reduce (lambda (hash2 hash1)
((cl:null hash2) hash1)
((cl:null hash1) hash2)
- (t (combine-hash-tree-digests digest hash1 hash2))))
+ (t (combine-hash-tree-digests internal-state hash1 hash2))))
(tree-hash-branch state))))
- (if buffer
- (let ((buffer-start (or buffer-start 0)))
- (if (<= (length result) (- (length buffer) buffer-start))
- (replace buffer result :start1 buffer-start)
- (error 'insufficient-buffer-space
- :buffer buffer :start buffer-start
- :length (length result))))
+ (if digest
+ (if (<= (length result) (- (length digest) digest-start))
+ (replace digest result :start1 digest-start)
+ (error 'insufficient-buffer-space
+ :buffer digest :start digest-start
+ :length (length result)))
(setf (get 'tree-hash '%digest-length) 24)

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