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MooTools FileManager - Copyright (c) 2009 Christoph Pojer

A filemanager for the web based on MooTools that allows you to (pre)view, upload and modify files and folders via your browser.






  • Browse through Files and Folders on your Server
  • Rename, Delete, Move (Drag&Drop), Copy (Drag + hold CTRL) and Download Files
  • View detailed Previews of Images, Text-Files, Compressed-Files or Audio Content
  • Nice User Interface ;)
  • Upload Files via FancyUpload (integrated Feature)
  • Option to automatically resize big Images when uploading
  • Use it to select a File anywhere you need to specify one inside your Application's Backend
  • Use as a FileManager in TinyMCE or CKEditor
  • Provides your client with the most possible convenience ( ;D )
  • Create galleries using the Gallery-Plugin
  • History (youre able to use the forward and back button of your browser)


  • sometime "illegal character (Error #2038) mootools-core-1.3.js (line 5015)" when uploading multiple files

How to use


Configurable Options

  • See Source/FileManager.js and Backend/FileManager.php for all available options on the client- and server-side


  • First you need to include the follwing scripts ** Source/FileManager.js ** Source/Uploader/Fx.ProgressBar.js ** Source/Uploader/Swiff.Uploader.js ** Source/Uploader.js ** Source/Gallery.js (if you want to create a gallery, see example in the Demos/index.html) ** Language/Language.en.js (or which language(s) do you need)

  • Then you need do modify the "Demos/manager.php" or "Demos/selectImage.php" to set up your upload folder etc

  • See the "Demos/index.html" for examples, but basically you need to do the following:

    var myFileManager = new FileManager({ url: 'manager.php', assetBasePath: '../Assets' });;

Custom Authentication

  • As Flash and therefore the Uploader ignores authenticated clients you need to specify your own authentication. In order to do this you need to provide a custom "UploadIsAuthenticated" function on the serverside and you need to specify "uploadAuthData" on the client.


  • James Ehly
    • thumbnail list
  • Fabian Vogelsteller
    • extended thumbnails
    • ported to mootools 1.3
    • now absolute and relative paths are possible
    • add clickable and selectable path in the header
    • add hiding of the thumbnail directory
    • a lot of bugfixes
    • add .htaccess to allow upload and resize of big files
    • made interface changes
    • add MilkBox for preview of images
    • add keyboard navigation in the file browser
    • add error dialogs for php errors
    • add a few new properties
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