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A well-mannered but not well-behaved useful IRC bot.
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These are the files of the lurker IRC project.

This version of lurker is known as 3. Therefore, it requires python2. lurker is in rolling-release mode. lurker also requires python-requests.

IRC commands


  • !roll <quantity>d<sides>[±<modifier>]: Rolls quantity dice of with sides faces, and optionally adds or subtracts the modifier to the result.
    • Follows rules of D&D.
  • !fml: Prints a random FMyLife entry (by popular demand).
  • !test: Reserved keyword.
  • !static: lurker dumps some static.


  • !hug me never: lurker will never hug you again.
  • !hug me: Hugs the user.
  • !hug <target>: Hugs target in the current setting.


  • !np / !fm: If your user name is set with the bot, prints your currently playing track.
  • !np set <name> / !fm set <name>: Sets your user name (currently only to name with the bot.
  • !np <user> / !fm <user>: Prints user’s currently playing track.


  • !fw: If your location is set with the bot, prints the fucking weather for your location.
  • !fw <place>: Shows the weather for place.
    • Zip codes work best. This is a problem with The Fucking Weather’s parser, not with lurker.
  • !fw set <place>: Sets your location with the bot to place.


  • !alert <user> <message>: Adds a pounce on user to tell them message.
  • !anonalert <user> <message>: Adds an anonymous pounce on user of message.


  • !convo: Prints a conversation starter.
  • !convo add <wit>: Adds wit to the database of conversation starters.
  • !convo undo: Delete the convo that you just added.
  • !convo fix s/<regex>/<text>/: Replace text in most recent convo as sed.
  • !convo grep <regex>: Begin a search of conversation starter database.
  • !convo next: If a search is in progress, display next entry.

Server interface


  • help: displays some documentation
  • EOF / exit: closes down lurker

module manipulation

  • load <mod>: load a module
  • unload <mod>: unload a module
  • reload <mod>: reloads (as per python) a module
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