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Minecraft Server for the Raspberry Pi in Docker
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Minecraft Server for Docker on the Raspberry Pi.

Docker Hub:

How to Build

git clone
cd rpi-minecraft-server
docker build .

How to Use this Image


The following will set up, install, and run the latest Minecraft server. This is fine for testing but not ideal for long term.

docker run -d --name=minecraft_server \
  -p 25565:25565 \
  -v /srv \
  -e EULA=true \
  -e DEFAULT_OP=[name] \

Data Container

To persist your world data, plugins, and other information you're going to want to create a data container (or otherwise mount storage). The following will quickly create one:

docker create -v /srv --name minecraft_data frozenfoxx/rpi-minecraft-server /bin/true

You can then mount this container using --volumes-from:

docker run -d --name=minecraft_server \
  -p 25565:25565 \
  --volumes-from minecraft_data \
  -e EULA=true \
  -e DEFAULT_OP=[name] \

Docker Compose

You can also adjust and deploy the server via the docker-compose.yml as such:

docker-compose up -d minecraft


Environment Variables

This image can be configured using environment variables. The following are the most common used.

  • EULA: required by Mojang.
  • DEFAULT_OP: required when creating a new container. Any usernames specified will be added to the ops.json file.
  • JAVA_OPS: JVM options.
  • MINECRAFT_HOME: home of the Minecraft server (default: /srv)
  • MOTD: message of the day.
  • LEVEL_NAME: world to load.
  • LEVEL_SEED: world seed.
  • DIFFICULTY: difficulty of the world.
  • GAMEMODE: game type to load.
  • PVP: whether to allow Player vs Player combat.


  • Accepting the Mojang EULA is absolutely required to use this image. By setting the environment variable EULA you are signifying your agreement.
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