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Grails plugin for Hibernate envers module

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This is not a real full-scaled README file, but a brief changelog of this fork.


  • Included SpringSource Tool Suite files
  • Update to Grails 2.1.1
  • Listed developers
  • Cleanup
  • Switched to git-flow model


  • Added support for multiple data sources (only default one, named dataSource, will be audited)
  • Renamed dynamically added domain class instance method getRevisions() to retrieveRevisions() to avoid invoking it on getProperties() call.
  • retrieveRevisions() (former getRevisions()) doesn't throw an exception if domain class is not audited, returning null instead.

How to use:

  • Checkout
  • Pack via grails package-plugin
  • Install via grails install-plugin -global
  • Have fun!
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