A puppet module for easy point-to-point OpenVPN configuration
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The point of this module is basically easy-mode openvpn connections, just by reusing the certs which puppet's already created for you.

It's based on original work by @mithrandi, so a fair hattip there as should be noted.


Install the module as usual. Create a dh1024 (see puppetvpn/files/dh1024.pem if you don't know how).

Point to point VPNs can be defined as below. This will set up a p2p link between brown and yellow (examples presume include puppetvpn is in your default node)

node 'yellow.example' inherits default {
    puppetvpn::tls {
            local_port  => '4434',
            remote_host => 'brown.example',
            remote_port => '4434',
            role        => 'server',
            cert        => '/var/lib/puppet/ssl/certs/yellow.example.pem',
            key         => '/var/lib/puppet/ssl/private_keys/yellow.example.pem',
            local_addr  => '',
            remote_addr => ''

And a more hub-and-spoke setup can be done too. This will make red the hub, with blue and green being clients.

node 'red' inherits default {
    puppetvpn::server {
            port      => '1194',
            server_ip => ''

    puppetvpn::server {
            port      => '1195',
            server_ip => '',
            dev       => 'tun5',
            ccd       => 'ccd'
node 'green.example' inherits default {
    puppetvpn::client {
            remote_host => 'red.example'

    puppetvpn::client {
            remote_host => 'red.example',
            remote_port => '1195',
            dev         => 'tun5'
node 'blue.example' inherits default {
    puppetvpn::client {
            remote_host => 'red.example',
            remote_port => '1195'