Simple State Machine for Objective C & Cocoa
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Simple State Machine for Objective C & Cocoa

A very simple state machine implementation in Objective C. States are identified by strings and don't carry information about what other states can the machine jump to. This behavior can be added by the machine's delegate.


The machine is initialized with a list of states (NSStrings):

-(id) initWithStates: (NSString *) firstStateName,...;

initWithStates: is a variadic method that accepts a list of strings of variable length. The list must end with nil.


  • state is a read/write property that allows to get and set the current state
  • states is a readonly property that will return a NSSet with the possible states
  • delegate points to the State Machine's delegate


The delegate will be notified of state changes and can also prevent a state change. To conform to the protocol, a class should implement any of the following @ptional methods:

-(void) simpleStateMachineWillMoveFromState:(NSString *) oldState 
                                    toState: (NSString *) newState;

-(void) simpleStateMachineDidMoveFromState:(NSString *) oldState 
                                   toState: (NSString *) newState;

-(BOOL) simpleStateMachineShouldMoveFromState:(NSString *) oldState 
                                      toState: (NSString *) newState;


This code assumes ARC. It also requires my additions to NSObject: NSObject+FRRObject.