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QDK Installation Instructions

Browse to Reference

  1. Browse, navigate to "Get Started", and click on the "Learn More" button
  2. Click on the "Download for MacOS and Linux" button. You will land on Keep this tab open for the rest of the tutorial

Open a terminal window

  1. Open a Terminal window from Finder/Go/Utilities

VS Code

  1. Install Visual Studio Code for the mac from;
  2. Copy the downloaded app into Finder/Go/Applications
  3. Open VS Code and pin it to tray
  4. In VS Code, Command-Shift-P/"shell"/"Shell Command: Install 'code' command in PATH'"
  5. Run code ~ and Visual Studio Code will come up. Shut down Visual Studio Code.


  1. Install Microsoft .NET Core SDK from
  2. Run dotnet and ensure it fails

QDK Extension

  1. Install Microsoft Quantum Development Kit for Visual Studio Code from
  2. Run dotnet new -i "Microsoft.Quantum.ProjectTemplates::0.2-*" and ensure that Q# appears in the list of installed templates. Ignore warnings but ensure that one version of the templates was actually installed.

Brew and Git

  1. Install homebrew if you haven't already from
  2. Run brew install git

Sanity Check

  1. Run mkdir ~/samples
  2. Run cd ~/samples
  3. Run git clone
  4. Run cd Quantum
  5. Run code . and this should bring up Visual Studio Code with access to the files
  6. Run cd Samples/Teleportation. Other samples are present for your future reference
  7. Run dotnet run and you should get the Teleportation sample running

Tutorial Directory

  1. Run mkdir ~/tutorial
  2. Run cd ~/tutorial
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