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A small board for developing small microcontroller projects


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PCB top and bottom Schematic

This is a small breakout board for the STM32F030F4P6 microcontroller, containing:

  • An LDO, alternatively a 1117-3.3 or a MCP1700-3302 (or compatible)
  • 6 LEDs, one as a power LED, the other 5 controllable by the controller
  • Two pushbuttons, one pre-connected to reset
  • A micro-SD slot with a MOSFET for turning its power off
  • A large prototyping area designed to make both SMT and THT prototyping as convenient as possible

A blog post about the reasoning behind the project and about its development process can be found here.

Demo projects

The subfolder demo contains some example code snippets for a quick start. Each contains the necessary makefile for building and flashing, so no IDE has to be installed in order to get started. However, the makefile is currently only tested on linux.

Flashing and debugging

The makefile currently supports two methods of flashing the controller: Either texane's st-link or OpenOCD can be used. OpenOCD also allows debugging, so if the makefile detects a running OpenOCD instance, it will automatically upload the firmware via OpenOCD. If there's none running, it will fall back to st-flash.

Each project directory includes a OpenOCD script, so you just have to start OpenOCD like:

$ openocd -f flash.cfg

As a matter of debugging, only text messages via semihosting are implemented so far. These are displayed in OpenOCD. See the debug-print example for details. Apart from that, of course arm-none-eabi-gdb or a complete IDE can be used.


Everyting in this repository, including the demo projects is ISC licenced (see for details), with the following exceptions:

  • Third-party libraries used within the demo projects and located in their third_party subfolders, contain their own licence information.
  • Core and device header files, which are also located in the demo projects' third_party subfolders, are supplied by ARM Limited and STMicroelectronics, respecitvely. They also contain their own licence information.
  • For compatibility with the Horizon default pool, this project's pool (located within horizon/pool) uses the same licence as the default pool.
  • Horizon automatically copies pool items for caching to the horizon/design/cache directory. Just being copies, these files also fall under the terms of the Horizon Pool Licence.


A small board for developing small microcontroller projects








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