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remove tls-cipher from ovpn config

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hypatia2 committed Nov 20, 2015
1 parent 4c4c7a1 commit 3031f92fec6f05fd4683f34f792a21fd8a4d39b5
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  1. +3 −0 fruho/main.tcl
@@ -2918,6 +2918,9 @@ proc ClickConnect {} {
set localconf [ovconf cset $localconf --ca [ovpndir $profile ca.crt]]
# remove tls-cipher constraint since ciphers are openvpn version dependent
set localconf [ovconf del $localconf --tls-cipher]
set localconf [ovconf cset $localconf --proto $proto]
set localconf [ovconf cset $localconf --remote "$ip $port"]
set localconf [ovconf cset $localconf --meta $::model::Current_sitem]

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