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dash-gauge, dash-plan and traffic-speed refactoring

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hypatia2 committed Aug 18, 2015
1 parent db7de85 commit 329d8dc2b2bfef39b8fd29e3b72aecf078c39dc3
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@@ -958,21 +958,29 @@ proc profile-tabset-update {} {
proc profile-tab-stand {profile} {
if {$profile eq "addvpnprovider"} {
proc profile-tab-stand {profileid} {
if {$profileid eq "addvpnprovider"} {
return normal
set status [effective-connstatus]
if {$status eq "connected" || $status eq "connecting"} {
set connecting_profile [dict-pop $::model::Current_sitem profile ?]
#puts stderr "connecting_profile: $connecting_profile, profile: $profile"
if {$profile ne $connecting_profile} {
if {$profileid ne [connecting-profile]} {
return disabled
return normal
# return profileid of currently connecting or connected profile or empty string otherwise
proc connecting-profile {} {
set status [effective-connstatus]
if {$status eq "connected" || $status eq "connecting"} {
return [dict-pop $::model::Current_sitem profile ""]
} else {
return ""
# stand is widget status calculated from the model
proc connect-button-stand {} {
@@ -1253,19 +1261,40 @@ proc format-date {sec} {
proc frame-dashboard {p} {
if 0 {
set db [frame $p.db -background yellow]
label $db.lbl -background red -text red
grid $db.lbl
grid $db
return $db
} else {
dash-plan $p
# dash-time $p
dash-gauge $p
proc dash-plan {p} {
set dbplan [frame $p.dbplan]
frame $dbplan.planname
label $dbplan.planname.lbl -text "Plan:"
label $dbplan.planname.val -font [dynafont -weight bold]
grid $dbplan.planname.lbl -row 0 -column 0 -sticky w
grid $dbplan.planname.val -row 0 -column 1 -sticky w
frame $dbplan.planexpiry
label $dbplan.planexpiry.lbl -text "Expiry date:"
label $dbplan.planexpiry.val -font [dynafont -weight bold]
grid $dbplan.planexpiry.lbl -row 0 -column 0 -sticky e
grid $dbplan.planexpiry.val -row 0 -column 1 -sticky e
grid columnconfigure $dbplan 0 -weight 1
grid columnconfigure $dbplan 1 -weight 1
grid $dbplan.planname -row 1 -column 0 -sticky w
grid $dbplan.planexpiry -row 1 -column 1 -sticky e
grid $dbplan -padx 10 -pady 10 -sticky news
proc dash-gauge {p} {
set db [frame $p.db]
set font1 [dynafont -size 14]
set font2 [dynafont -size 20]
set gaugebg #dddddd
set gaugebg #eeeeee
set gaugew 100
set gaugeh 10
@@ -1329,16 +1358,46 @@ if 0 {
grid columnconfigure $db [incr col] -minsize 100
grid columnconfigure $db [incr col] -minsize 70
grid $db -padx 10 -pady 10
return $db
grid $db -padx 10 -sticky n
proc dash-plan-update {} {
set profileid [current-profile]
if {[is-addprovider-tab-selected]} {
set dbplan .c.tabsetenvelope.nb.$profileid.dbplan
if {[winfo exists $dbplan]} {
set tstamp [model now]
set planid [current-planid $tstamp $profileid]
set plan [dict get $::model::Profiles $profileid plans $planid]
set planname [dict-pop $plan name UNKNOWN]
set plan_start [plan-start $plan]
set plan_end [plan-end $plan]
set until [format-date $plan_end]
set period [dict-pop $plan timelimit period day]
$dbplan.planname.val configure -text $planname
$dbplan.planexpiry.val configure -text $until
proc dash-time-update {} {
proc frame-dashboard-update {profileid speedup speeddown trafficup trafficdown} {
proc dash-gauge-update {} {
set profileid [current-profile]
if {$profileid ne [connecting-profile]} {
set db .c.tabsetenvelope.nb.$profileid.db
if {[winfo exists $db]} {
lassign [traffic-speed-calc] trafficup trafficdown speedup speeddown
set speedup_f [format-mega $speedup]
$db.speedup configure -text [lindex $speedup_f 0]
$db.speedupunit configure -text [lindex $speedup_f 1]B/s
@@ -1515,6 +1574,8 @@ proc tabset-profiles {p} {
$nb add [frame-addvpnprovider $nb] -text "Add VPN Provider..."
grid $nb -sticky news -padx 10 -pady 10
select-profile $nb
return $nb
@@ -1536,7 +1597,10 @@ proc ProfileTabChanged {nb} {
set profileid [lindex [split [$nb select] .] end]
set ::model::selected_profile $profileid
if {![is-addprovider-tab-selected]} {
#usage-meter-update [model now]
#usage-meter-update [model now]
@@ -1604,7 +1668,6 @@ proc current-profile {} {
proc frame-profile {p pname} {
set f [frame $p.$pname]
grid columnconfigure $f 0 -weight 1
grid rowconfigure $f 0 -weight 1
# TODO here dispatch to different dashboard views
#frame-usage-meter $f
frame-dashboard $f
@@ -2078,11 +2141,11 @@ proc protoport-list {} {
#TODO sorting by country and favorites
proc ServerListClicked {} {
try {
set profile [current-profile]
set planid [current-planid [model now] $profile]
set slist [model slist $profile $planid]
set profileid [current-profile]
set planid [current-planid [model now] $profileid]
set slist [model slist $profileid $planid]
# we don't take selected_sitem_id directly from the model plan - give a chance to calculate/get random
set ssitem [model selected-sitem $profile $planid]
set ssitem [model selected-sitem $profileid $planid]
set ssid [dict-pop $ssitem id {}]
@@ -2147,7 +2210,7 @@ proc ServerListClicked {} {
$wt focus $ssid
set modal [ShowModal $w]
if {$modal eq "ok"} {
model selected-sitem $profile $planid [$wt selection]
model selected-sitem $profileid $planid [$wt selection]
#model print
destroy $w
@@ -2442,13 +2505,12 @@ proc ffread {} {
set meta [lindex [ovconf get $ovpn_config --meta] 0]
if {$meta ne ""} {
set ::model::Current_sitem $meta
set profile [dict-pop $meta profile {}]
set profileid [dict-pop $meta profile {}]
set trafficup [dict-pop $stat mgmt_rwrite 0]
set trafficdown [dict-pop $stat mgmt_rread 0]
traffic-speed-store $trafficup $trafficdown
lassign [traffic-speed-calc $trafficup $trafficdown] speedup speeddown
frame-dashboard-update $profile $speedup $speeddown $trafficup $trafficdown
#puts stderr "stat: $stat"
#puts stderr "ovpn_config: $ovpn_config"
@@ -2464,42 +2526,39 @@ proc ffread {} {
# takes latest traffic measurements from stat
# returns moving average of speedup and speeddown
proc traffic-speed-calc {trafficup trafficdown} {
# takes latest traffic measurements from stat and saves in the model
proc traffic-speed-store {trafficup trafficdown} {
set ms [clock milliseconds]
set n 5
set n $::model::previous_traffic_probes
# prevent adding duplicate measurements what might result in time difference = 0 and division by zero later
if {[lindex $::model::Previous_traffic_tstamp end] != $ms} {
lappend ::model::Previous_traffic_tstamp $ms
lappend ::model::Previous_trafficup $trafficup
lappend ::model::Previous_trafficdown $trafficdown
# this will keep max n+1 items
set ::model::Previous_traffic_tstamp [lrange $::model::Previous_traffic_tstamp end-$n end]
set ::model::Previous_trafficup [lrange $::model::Previous_trafficup end-$n end]
set ::model::Previous_trafficdown [lrange $::model::Previous_trafficdown end-$n end]
# this will keep max n+1 items
set t [set ::model::Previous_traffic_tstamp [lrange $::model::Previous_traffic_tstamp end-$n end]]
set difft [lbetween {a b} $t {expr {$b-$a}}]
# this will keep max n+1 items
set up [set ::model::Previous_trafficup [lrange $::model::Previous_trafficup end-$n end]]
set diffup [lbetween {a b} $up {expr {$b-$a}}]
# this will keep max n+1 items
set down [set ::model::Previous_trafficdown [lrange $::model::Previous_trafficdown end-$n end]]
set diffdown [lbetween {a b} $down {expr {$b-$a}}]
# returns trafficup, trafficdown and moving averages of speedup and speeddown
proc traffic-speed-calc {} {
set difft [lbetween {a b} $::model::Previous_traffic_tstamp {expr {$b-$a}}]
set diffup [lbetween {a b} $::model::Previous_trafficup {expr {$b-$a}}]
set diffdown [lbetween {a b} $::model::Previous_trafficdown {expr {$b-$a}}]
if {[llength $difft] == [llength $diffup]} {
#puts stderr "difft=$difft, diffup=$diffup"
# list of speeds
set speedup [lmap tx $difft x $diffup {expr {1000*double($x)/double($tx)}}]
set speeddown [lmap tx $difft x $diffdown {expr {1000*double($x)/double($tx)}}]
set speedupavg [expr max(0, round([average-simple $speedup]))]
set speeddownavg [expr max(0, round([average-simple $speeddown]))]
set trafficup [lindex $::model::Previous_trafficup end]
set trafficdown [lindex $::model::Previous_trafficdown end]
return [list $speedupavg $speeddownavg]
return [list $trafficup $trafficdown $speedupavg $speeddownavg]
@@ -124,6 +124,8 @@ if 0 { variable Profiles [dict create fruho {
variable Previous_trafficup {}
variable Previous_trafficdown {}
variable Previous_traffic_tstamp {}
# number of traffic probes saved and used for moving average - this is to be saved in config
variable previous_traffic_probes 5
variable Gui_planline "Plan"
variable Gui_usedlabel "Used"

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