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mullvad and timelimit calcs

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hypatia2 committed Oct 27, 2015
1 parent bfc4757 commit 4c699bc9e6cc8264e54c51d95dd75cf424e11359
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  1. +2 −2 fruho/add_mullvad.tcl
  2. +31 −11 fruho/main.tcl
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ namespace eval ::mullvad {
# input entries - resettable/modifiable variables
variable newprofilename ""
variable username 702114916207
variable username 1016121332615
variable password ""
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ proc ::mullvad::create-import-frame {tab} {
ttk::label $pconf.profilelabel -text "Profile name" -anchor e
ttk::entry $pconf.profileinput -textvariable ::${name}::newprofilename
ttk::label $pconf.profileinfo -foreground grey
ttk::label $pconf.usernamelabel -text "Account number" -anchor e
ttk::label $pconf.usernamelabel -text "Mullvad account number" -anchor e
ttk::entry $pconf.usernameinput -textvariable ::${name}::username
ttk::label $pconf.usernameinfo -foreground grey -text ""
ttk::frame $pconf.importline
@@ -499,19 +499,26 @@ proc current-planid {tstamp profile} {
proc period-elapsed {plan tstamp} {
return [expr {$tstamp - [period-start $plan $tstamp]}]
set period_elapsed [expr {$tstamp - [period-start $plan $tstamp]}]
#puts stderr "period-elapsed: $period_elapsed"
return $period_elapsed
proc period-length {plan tstamp} {
return [expr {[period-end $plan $tstamp] - [period-start $plan $tstamp]}]
set period_length [expr {[period-end $plan $tstamp] - [period-start $plan $tstamp]}]
#puts stderr "period-length: $period_length"
return $period_length
proc period-end {plan tstamp} {
set period [dict-pop $plan timelimit period day]
set period_start [period-start $plan $tstamp]
#TODO make sure that period is handled well when milliseconds/seconds
return [clock add $period_start 1 $period]
#set period_end [clock add $period_start 1 $period]
set period_end [clock-add-periods $period_start 1 $period]
#puts stderr "period-end: $period_end"
return $period_end
proc period-start {plan tstamp} {
@@ -523,7 +530,8 @@ proc period-start {plan tstamp} {
} elseif {$period eq "month"} {
# average number of seconds in a month
set periodsecs 2629800
#TODO one more else for handling period in seconds/milliseconds
} elseif {[string is integer -strict $period]} {
set periodsecs $period
} else {
# just in case set default to day
set periodsecs 86400
@@ -533,15 +541,26 @@ proc period-start {plan tstamp} {
# estimated number of periods
set est [expr {$secs / $periodsecs - 2}]
for {set i $est} {$i<$est+5} {incr i} {
set start [clock add $plan_start $i $period]
set end [clock add $plan_start [expr {$i+1}] $period]
#set start [clock add $plan_start $i $period]
set start [clock-add-periods $plan_start $i $period]
#set end [clock add $plan_start [expr {$i+1}] $period]
set end [clock-add-periods $plan_start [expr {$i+1}] $period]
if {$start <= $tstamp && $tstamp < $end} {
#puts stderr "period-start: $start"
return $start
error "Could not determine period-start for plan $plan and tstamp $tstamp"
proc clock-add-periods {start n period} {
if {[string is integer -strict $period]} {
return [expr {$start + $n * $period}]
} else {
return [clock add $start $n $period]
proc plan-start {plan} {
return [dict-pop $plan timelimit start [model now]]
@@ -552,8 +571,8 @@ proc plan-end {plan} {
set period [dict-pop $plan timelimit period day]
set plan_start [plan-start $plan]
set nop [dict-pop $plan timelimit nop 0]
#TODO make it work for period being in {hour day month <ms>}
return [clock add $plan_start $nop $period]
#TODO make it work for period being in {hour day month <number_of_seconds>}
return [clock-add-periods $plan_start $nop $period]
@@ -578,7 +597,8 @@ proc plan-comparator {tstamp a b} {
return $active_diff
# use direct string compare - lexicographically day sorts before month
# TODO make it work for period being in {hour day month <ms>}
# TODO make it work for period being in {hour day month <number_of_seconds>}
# TODO really fix it for <number_of_seconds>
set period_diff [string compare [dict-pop $b timelimit period day] [dict-pop $a timelimit period day]]
if {$period_diff != 0} {
return $period_diff
@@ -1525,8 +1545,8 @@ proc dash-time-update {tstamp} {
if {[winfo exists $dbtime]} {
set planid [current-planid $tstamp $profileid]
set plan [dict-pop $::model::Profiles $profileid plans $planid {}]
set period_start [period-start $plan $tstamp]
set period_end [period-end $plan $tstamp]
#set period_start [period-start $plan $tstamp]
#set period_end [period-end $plan $tstamp]
set period_elapsed [period-elapsed $plan $tstamp]
set period_length [period-length $plan $tstamp]
if {$period_elapsed > 0 && $period_length > 0 && $period_elapsed > $period_length} {

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