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build upgrade v0.0.21

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pulpofred committed Apr 6, 2016
1 parent 87bbf32 commit 5841f8ebe062909cfb48e01278a1468257bd3b93
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@@ -245,14 +245,14 @@ proc push-update {os arch tohost} {
set ::FRUHO_VERSION 0.0.20
set ::FRUHO_VERSION 0.0.21
prepare-lib sklib 0.0.0
#build linux x86_64 sample base-tk-[base-ver x86_64] {sklib-0.0.0 tls- Tclx-8.4 cmdline-1.5 json-1.3.3 uri-1.2.5 base64-2.4.2 tktray-1.3.9}
#build-total ix86
#build-total x86_64
build-total x86_64
#package require i18n
#i18n code2msg ./fruho/main.tcl {es pl} ./fruho/messages.txt

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