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sklib/unix.tcl comments to verify privileges

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sk committed Apr 5, 2016
1 parent ca19c21 commit 673647d65d8f7570da20f95943762049e6cb891f
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@@ -25,13 +25,15 @@ proc ::unix::relinquish-root {} {
# First check the current privileges (has-root as opposed to is-root)
# id command from Tclx package
if {![::unix::has-root]} {
#puts stderr "relinquish-root: has-root: returning [id user]"
return [id user]
# Next, if currently root, check how the user logged in (from logname or sudo variables)
# When running starpack in background (with &) logname may error with "logname: no login name"
if {[catch {exec logname} user]} {
# Fall back to checking SUDO_USER
set user $::env(SUDO_USER)
#puts stderr "relinquish-root: SUDO_USER from env: $user"
# If empty then I don't know, assume root
if {[llength $user] == 0} {
set user root
@@ -42,6 +44,8 @@ proc ::unix::relinquish-root {} {
return root
set primary_group [exec id -g -n $user]
#puts stderr "relinquish-root: primary_group: $primary_group"
#puts stderr "relinquish-root: user: $user"
# the order is relevant - first change gid then uid
id group $primary_group
id user $user

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