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hypatia2 committed Aug 24, 2015
1 parent 41203e7 commit e8f6e2be8338729dba19cda5d4096f78458d30f7
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  1. +96 −2 build.tcl
  2. +7 −3 fruho/main.tcl
@@ -121,16 +121,110 @@ proc test {} {
set ::FRUHO_VERSION 0.0.2
proc parse-commits {commits} {
set commit2msg [dict create]
set prev ""
set commit ""
foreach line [split $commits \n] {
set line [string trim $line]
if {[regexp {commit ([0-9a-f]+)} $line _ commit]} {
puts "commit=$commit"
} elseif {$prev eq ""} {
dict set commit2msg $commit $line
set prev $line
puts "\n$commit2msg\n"
return $commit2msg
proc github-latest-release-date {} {
set latest_s [exec -ignorestderr curl]
set latest [json::json2dict $latest_s]
set published_at [dict get $latest published_at]
return $published_at
proc github-create-release {gituser gitpass} {
set js1 "{\"tag_name\": \"fruho-$::FRUHO_VERSION\"}"
set created_release_s [exec -ignorestderr curl -XPOST -d$js1 -u "$gituser:$gitpass"]
puts "created_release_s: $created_release_s"
set created_release [json::json2dict $created_release_s]
set id [dict get $created_release id]
set upload_url [dict get $created_release upload_url]
puts "Release id: $id"
puts "Release upload_url: $upload_url"
#set id 1713418
#set upload_url "{?name}"
set braceindex [string first \{ $upload_url]
set upload_url [string range $upload_url 0 [incr braceindex -1]]
return $upload_url
proc github-upload-artifacts {upload_url gituser gitpass} {
foreach file [concat [glob dist/linux-*/*.deb] [glob dist/linux-*/*.rpm]] {
set filename [file tail $file]
set uurl $upload_url?name=$filename
set uploaded [exec -ignorestderr curl -XPOST --header "Content-Type: application/zip" -d @$file $uurl -u "$gituser:$gitpass"]
set u [json::json2dict $uploaded]
set downurl [dict get $u browser_download_url]
puts "Uploaded artifact: $downurl"
proc html-changelog {commit2msg} {
set html ""
dict for {commit msg} $commit2msg {
set shortcommit [string range $commit 0 6]
append html "<li>$msg <a href=\"$commit\">#$shortcommit</a></li>\n"
puts "Release changes:\n\n$html\n\n"
return $html
proc release {gituser} {
lappend ::auto_path [file normalize ./lib/generic]
package require json
puts "Enter your github password:"
set gitpass [gets stdin]
#set published_at [github-latest-release-date]
set published_at 2015-08-23T20:10:07Z
set commits [exec git log --since="$published_at"]
#puts "commits:\n$commits"
set commit2msg [parse-commits $commits]
html-changelog $commit2msg
set upload_url [github-create-release $gituser $gitpass]
github-upload-artifacts $upload_url $gituser $gitpass
set ::FRUHO_VERSION 0.0.7
prepare-lib sklib 0.0.0
release hypatia2
#package require i18n
#i18n code2msg ./fruho/main.tcl {es pl} ./fruho/messages.txt
build-fruho linux [this-arch]
#build-fruho linux [this-arch]
#build-fruhod linux [this-arch]
#build-deb-rpm [this-arch]
@@ -348,6 +348,8 @@ proc main-gui {} {
# this works only on a few Linux desktops, does not work on Unity (appindicator)
# don't rely on systray icon
package require tktray
tktray::icon .systray -image [img load 16/logo] -docked 1 -visible 1
.systray balloon "Fruho balloon" 5000
@@ -509,7 +511,9 @@ proc period-end {plan tstamp} {
proc period-start {plan tstamp} {
set period [dict-pop $plan timelimit period day]
if {$period eq "day"} {
if {$period eq "hour"} {
set periodsecs 3600
} elseif {$period eq "day"} {
set periodsecs 86400
} elseif {$period eq "month"} {
# average number of seconds in a month
@@ -543,7 +547,7 @@ proc plan-end {plan} {
set period [dict-pop $plan timelimit period day]
set plan_start [plan-start $plan]
set nop [dict-pop $plan timelimit nop 0]
#TODO make it work for period being in {day month <ms>}
#TODO make it work for period being in {hour day month <ms>}
return [clock add $plan_start $nop $period]
@@ -569,7 +573,7 @@ proc plan-comparator {tstamp a b} {
return $active_diff
# use direct string compare - lexicographically day sorts before month
# TODO make it work for period being in {day month <ms>}
# TODO make it work for period being in {hour day month <ms>}
set period_diff [string compare [dict-pop $b timelimit period day] [dict-pop $a timelimit period day]]
if {$period_diff != 0} {
return $period_diff

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