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SoftDelete and Cachetagging behavior order declaration affects on preDqlDelete #17

fruit opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Ilya Sabelnikov
Ilya Sabelnikov

If Cachetagging is configured before the SoftDelete behaviour then the Doctrine_Template_Listener_Cachetaggable::preDqlDelete function is not aware of the SoftDelete query addendum.

Reported by @paulkmoore

Ilya Sabelnikov fruit closed this issue from a commit
Ilya Sabelnikov Fixes bug in related to SoftDelete behavior in preDqlDelete, closes #17
More coverage tests.

Adds another approach to add custom cache key
parameters for authenticated users.

Fixes minor bug with non-unique invoker namespace
names in Cachetaggable template.

Updates README file with information how to use
"cache.filter_cache_keys" event.
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