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the backdoor for james and evan's show at the V&A

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0) configure Nautilus (the file browser):

- Edit -> Preferences -> Media
  - check: Never prompt or start programs on media insertion
  - uncheck: Browse media when inserted

1) make sure the following are installed using synaptec:

- git-core
- perl
- mysql-client
- mysql-server
- libdbi-perl
- libdbd-mysql-perl
- vlc

when installing mysql, it will be easiest if you give no root password.

optionally, if you want to be able to inspect MySQL via a GUI: make sure the following are installed using Applications::Ubuntu Software Center

- MySQL Query Browser

2) open a command line terminal and cd to the directory where you want to install the software and run the following command:

git clone git://

3) create the backdoor database by issuing the following command in the backdoor source directory (where 'root' is the username you are using for mysql):
   mysql -uroot < mysql-schema.sql

4) edit any necessary constants at the top of

5) run and test a bunch

6) create a 'launcher' for the app:
   - follow these instructions
   - do it "The Easy Way", with the following settings:
     - Type: Application in Terminal
     - Name: Backdoor
     - Command: the path to the script
     - Icon: change the icon to something memorable

7) Tell the gallery attendant that that little launcher is what they need to hit after:
   - killing the program
   - restarting the computer

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