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Code to Create GBM model. Top 5% Score
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Final Model.R


Code to Create GBM model. Top 5% Score.

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Kaggle hosts online data science competitions. This competition asks participants to forecast city bikeshare usage in Washington D.C. given weather data. A summary of the competition can be found HERE or by clicking the graphic.

Initially I was inspired by a blog post by Brandon Harris. The main take aways were to consider time of day and weekday as factor variables. These were constucted from datetime variable. This model had a root mean squared logarithmic error of .49523

Efavdb is a cool data science blog. They shared code in python and I converted it to R. Three ideas came from this blog. The first was to use GBM rather than Conditional Inference trees. The second was to tune the hyper-parameters. On future competitions I plan on spending even more time hyper-parameter tuning. The third idea was build seperate models for Regular and Casual users. The python code had a listed RMSLE of .41969

My Final Public Leaderboard score was .37936. (111 out of 3252) I used different hyper-parameters than Efavdb and included more data transforms to improve my score.

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