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New major release!

Changelog since last beta



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This is the first developer preview for the 3.2.0 release. Changes since 3.1.3

  • Database changes for CalDAV. If you are using the CalDAV PDO backends, you
    must migrate. Run ./bin/migrateto32.php for more info.
  • Support for WebDAV Resource Sharing, an upcoming standard.
  • Added support for sharing in the CalDAV PDO backend! Users can now invite
    others to their calendar and give them read/read-write access!
  • #397: Support for PSR-3. You can now log exceptions with your favourite
    psr3-compatible logging tool.
  • #825: Actual proper, tested support for PostgreSQL. We require version 9.5.
  • Removed database migration script for sabre/dav 1.7. To update from that
    version you now first need to update to sabre/dav 3.1.
  • Removed deprecated function: Sabre\DAV\Auth\Plugin::getCurrentUser().
  • #774: Fixes for getting free disk space on Windows.
  • #803: Major changes in the sharing API. If you were using an old sabre/dav
    sharing api, head to the website for more detailed migration notes.
  • #657: Support for optional auth using {DAV:}unauthorized and {DAV:}all
    privileges. This allows you to assign a privilege to a resource, allowing
    non-authenticated users to access it. For instance, this could allow you
    to create a public read-only collection.
  • #812 #814: ICS/VCF exporter now includes a more useful filename in its
    Content-Disposition header. (@Xenopathic).
  • #801: BC break: If you were using the Href object before, it's behavior
    now changed a bit, and LocalHref was added to replace the old, default
    behavior of Href. See the migration doc for more info.
  • Removed Sabre\DAVACL\Plugin::$allowAccessToNodesWithoutACL setting.
    Instead, you can provide a set of default ACL rules with
  • Introduced Sabre\DAVACL\ACLTrait which contains a default implementation
    of Sabre\DAV\IACL with some sane defaults. We're using this trait all over
    the place now, reducing the amount of boilerplate.
  • Plugins can now control the "Supported Privilege Set".
  • Added Sharing, ICSExport and VCFExport plugins to groupwareserver.php
  • The {DAV:}all privilege is now no longer abstract, so it can be assigned
    directly. We're using the {DAV:}all privilege now in a lot of cases where
    we before assigned both {DAV:}read and {DAV:}write.
  • Resources that are not collections no longer support the {DAV:}bind and
    {DAV:}unbind privileges.
  • Corrected the CalDAV-scheduling related privileges.
  • Doing an UNLOCK no longer requires the {DAV:}write-content privilege.
  • Added a new getPrincipalByUri plugin event. Allowing plugins to request
    quickly where a principal lives on a server.
  • Renamed phpunit.xml to phpunit.xml.dist to make local modifications easy.
  • Functionality from IShareableCalendar is merged into ISharedCalendar.
  • #751: Fixed XML responses from failing MKCOL requests.
  • #600: Support for principal-match ACL REPORT.
  • #599: Support for acl-principal-prop-set ACL REPORT.
  • #798: Added an index on firstoccurence field in MySQL CalDAV backend. This
    should speed up common calendar-query requests.
  • #759: DAV\Client is now able to actually correctly resolve relative urls.
  • #671: We are no longer checking the read-free-busy privilege on individual
    calendars during freebusy operations in the scheduling plugin. Instead, we
    check the schedule-query-freebusy privilege on the target users' inbox,
    which validates access for the entire account, per the spec.
  • The zip release ships with sabre/vobject 4.1.0,
    sabre/http 4.2.1, sabre/event 3.0.0,
    sabre/uri 1.1.0 and sabre/xml 1.4.1.



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