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import os
import sys
import google.protobuf.descriptor_pb2 as pb2
class ProtobinDecompiler:
label_map = {
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.LABEL_OPTIONAL: "optional",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.LABEL_REQUIRED: "required",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.LABEL_REPEATED: "repeated"
type_map = {
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_DOUBLE: "double",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_FLOAT: "float",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_INT64: "int64",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_UINT64: "uint64",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_INT32: "int32",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_FIXED64: "fixed64",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_FIXED32: "fixed32",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_BOOL: "bool",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_STRING: "string",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_BYTES: "bytes",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_UINT32: "uint32",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_SFIXED32: "sfixed32",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_SFIXED64: "sfixed64",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_SINT32: "sint32",
pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_SINT64: "sint64"
def __init__(self):
def decompile(self, file_name, out_dir = ".", stdout=False):
file = open(file_name, "rb")
data =
descriptor = pb2.FileDescriptorProto.FromString(data)
out = None
if stdout:
out = sys.stdout
out_file_name = os.path.join(out_dir,
out_full_dir = os.path.dirname(out_file_name)
if not os.path.exists(out_full_dir):
out = open(out_file_name, "wb")
self.indent_level = 0
self.decompile_file_descriptor(out, descriptor)
print "Failed decompiling %s" % file_name
print "Descriptor dump:"
print descriptor
def decompile_file_descriptor(self, out, descriptor):
# deserialize package name and dependencies
if descriptor.HasField("package"):
self.write(out, "package %s;\n" % descriptor.package)
for dep in descriptor.dependency:
self.write(out, "import \"%s\";\n" % dep)
self.write(out, "\n")
# enumerations
for enum in descriptor.enum_type:
self.decompile_enum_type(out, enum)
# messages
for msg in descriptor.message_type:
self.decompile_message_type(out, msg)
# services
for service in descriptor.service:
self.decompile_service(out, service)
def decompile_message_type(self, out, msg):
self.write(out, "message %s {\n" %
self.indent_level += 1
# deserialize nested messages
for nested_msg in msg.nested_type:
self.decompile_message_type(out, nested_msg)
# deserialize nested enumerations
for nested_enum in msg.enum_type:
self.decompile_enum_type(out, nested_enum)
# deserialize fields
for field in msg.field:
self.decompile_field(out, field)
# extension ranges
for range in msg.extension_range:
end_name = range.end
if end_name == 0x20000000:
end_name = "max"
self.write(out, "extensions %s to %s;\n" % (range.start, end_name))
# extensions
for extension in msg.extension:
self.decompile_extension(out, extension)
self.indent_level -= 1
self.write(out, "}\n")
def decompile_extension(self, out, extension):
self.write(out, "extend %s {\n" % extension.extendee)
self.indent_level += 1
self.decompile_field(out, extension)
self.indent_level -= 1
self.write(out, "}\n")
def decompile_field(self, out, field):
# type name is either another message or a standard type
type_name = ""
if field.type == pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_MESSAGE or field.type == pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_ENUM:
type_name = field.type_name
type_name = self.type_map[field.type]
# build basic field string with label name
field_str = "%s %s %s = %d" % (self.label_map[field.label], type_name,, field.number)
# add default value if set
if field.HasField("default_value"):
def_val = field.default_value
# string default values have to be put in quotes
if field.type == pb2.FieldDescriptorProto.TYPE_STRING:
def_val = "\"%s\"" % def_val
field_str += " [default = %s]" % def_val
field_str += ";\n"
self.write(out, field_str)
def decompile_enum_type(self, out, enum):
self.write(out, "enum %s {\n" %
self.indent_level += 1
# deserialize enum values
for value in enum.value:
self.write(out, "%s = %d;\n" % (, value.number))
self.indent_level -= 1
self.write(out, "}\n")
def decompile_service(self, out, service):
self.write(out, "service %s {\n" %
self.indent_level += 1
for method in service.method:
self.decompile_method(out, method)
self.indent_level -= 1
self.write(out, "}\n")
def decompile_method(self, out, method):
self.write(out, "rpc %s (%s) returns (%s);\n" % (, method.input_type, method.output_type))
def write(self, out, str):
out.write("\t" * self.indent_level)
if __name__ == '__main__':
decomp = ProtobinDecompiler()
if len(sys.argv) < 3:
print "Usage: %s in_folder out_folder" % sys.argv[0]
in_dir = sys.argv[1]
out_dir = sys.argv[2]
in_files = []
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(in_dir):
for file in files:
if file.endswith(".protobin"):
in_files.append(os.path.join(root, file))
for file in in_files:
print "Decompiling %s" % file
decomp.decompile(file, out_dir)