An unoffical level editor replacement for the online game Graal
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Gonstruct is an unofficial level editor replacement for the Zelda-like online
game Graal Online (

To compile Gonstruct from source, the following packages/tools are required:
  * gtkmm
  * gtksourceview (gtksourceview2 in MacPorts)
  * gtkglarea 2.0.1 (libgtkgl in Ubuntu, gtkglarea2 in MacPorts)
  * boost
  * ruby
  * CMake

To generate the makefiles required to build gonstruct, execute
 $ cmake .
from the repository root. If you need to specify additional options (Debug),
refer to the CMake manual.

for both
 $ make
 $ src/level_editor/gonstruct

Compiling on Windows
Windows is going to be a bit more difficult, you will need to properly set up
  * msys and mingw:
  * gtkmm:
  * gtksourceview: both available packages (dev and runtimes) from
    (don't use 2.9.3) and extract both into the directory
    you installed gtkmm into
  * gtkglarea: from
    compile with
    $ ./configure --prefix=<path to your gtkmm dir> && make && make install