Reversed WoW Armory protocol with the aim of bringing remote guild chat to the desktop outside the game.
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World of Warcraft Mobile Armory

This project is an attempt at reverse engineering the World of Warcraft mobile
armory. The main goal is to bring guild chat to different non-mobile platforms,
for example a Pidgin plugin, IRC bot or a simple stand-alone desktop client.

Implemented Features
At the moment there is only a very basic set of features, but the main hurdle of
authenticating with the mobile armory server is mostly solved.
- protocol deserialization into .NET structures
- SRP authentification
- chat-protocol abstraction (see ChatModule)
- started work on an experimental IRC bot

- The M2 proof the server sends over is completely unchecked. Not terribly
  important, but for completeness sake should be done at some point.
- The code and design, even at its current size is a mess

- This is more of a problem with Blizzard, which is that at the time of this
  writing guild chat doesn't work on a bunch of servers. If it does not work on
  your server, you will get a "Disconnected from chat server" error a few
  seconds after sending the login message.

Armory Address
The port is 8780 and depending on your zone the host is one of the following: