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Last updated 2004 february 24

1. Introduction
2. Build requirements
3. Installation notes

This document requires to be built into a viewable document from the 
DocBook SGML source before reading. This file will mainly describe how to 
build the different viewable document types. The makefile has support for 
building HTML, PDF and PS formats as well as the source tar ball as of 
writing this.

The build process should be fairly straight forward for most formats, 
except the PDF which requires some special files to be moved around 

Build requirements
These will only give you a basic clue what is required. The build process 
works quite smoothly on a standard redhat 7.x installation, but not on 
standard slackware installation (missing certain docbook packages afaik), 
just to name two examples.

* sgml-tools-1.0.*
* psgml-1.2.*
* docbook-dtd31-sgml-*
* sgml-common-0.6.*
* docbook-utils-0.6
* docbook-style-dssl-1.*
* openjade-1.*
* jadetex-3.*

* All of the above
* docbook-utils-pdf-0.6
* fabpdf (available in iptables-tutorial/addons/)

Installation notes
If you have all the above installed, you should be ok by doing the 

$ make all

This should build the PS, HTML and SRC targets. 

If you want to build the PDF document, you need to first copy the
iptables-tutorial/addons/fabpdf & eps_to_png file to your backend
directory of docbook-utils. This is described in

When you have the fabpdf and eps_to_png installed properly you may issue 
the following command to build the PDF document:

$ make pdf

Note: This may render a ton of errors, and most probably will. There is 
some problems with the fabpdf backend. If this starts to emerge for you, 
edit fabpdf with some debugging echo's etc. Hopefully it will work after a 
while, at least it did for me (I did not change a single line of code in 
the script that was of any real use, but all of a sudden it work).

If you want to build the portuguese translation, do the following:

$ make portuguese

The documents are then built and saved in the 
iptables-tutorial/portuguese/ directory. If you want to build _everything_ 
you could do:

$ make site

This build everything (including portuguese translations) and puts it in 
the iptables-tutorial/html/ directory. 

If you get troubles with the build procedure, avoid contacting me unless 
you have real good explanation for using the sources and not the 
prebuilt versions at :).



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