V2 Skills Building Program
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FamilySearch Skill-Building Program

V2 Skills Building Program

  • We accept pull requests
  • Everything here is subject to change and improve over time, due to peer review
  • Want to make new skills content? Here's how to get started!


"Make each other awesome"


  • Learning and proving valuable skills that the org uses by creating interesting things
  • Getting excited about learning new things and being creative
  • Infecting others with this excitement
  • Creating more self-learners
  • Proving org-required skills
  • Get everyone involved in learning, sharing, and mentoring skills with each other
  • Getting fun rewards for passing badges and skills

News and Updates:


Hall of Fame

Passing off Badges

You can pass off badges with any discipline manager or master in that Skill area.

Current V2 Masters:

  • Frontier: Jakob Anderson, Logan Allred, Joey Cozza
  • HTML5:
  • CSS:
  • JavaScript:
  • Testing:
  • Performance: Jakob Anderson

About the Badges

Prove your abilities and knowledge through earning badges in each level of a number of categories! We have the ability to earn badges in the following levels:

  • Apprentice
  • Journey
  • Master


You are getting your feet wet and gaining basic literacy in a skill category. You will use study materials to prove a basic knowledge of a skill. You will also be proving your ability in that skill through building a micro-project with a very specific and prescriptive set of requirements. As an alternative to building new projects, you may use previous work and a few other options to pass this level's badges. Expect 3-6hrs spent per apprentice badge.


You are actively applying your knowledge to produce quality code in new and creative ways. You are also demonstrating your knowledge of advanced concepts in your production code. As an alternative to project work, a developer can use previous project or production work to pass this level's badges. Expect 8-16hrs spent per Journeyman badge.


You have mastered the fundamental and advanced concepts of this skill and you are very skilled in its' application. You often mentor and teach others in this skill. You also often act in an architectural role in the webdev discipline, helping to define our work patterns and recommending helpful technologies and methodologies. This level expects that you will propose, produce, and teach a project on this skill area.

Learning Time

You have permission to spend up to 10% of your work time on training. This means 45 minutes per day or 4 hours a week, whichever works best for you. Please try to schedule and communicate this time in a way that minimizes the effect to your story council and other responsibilities.

Skills Workshops

About every two weeks, we hold a skills workshop, for about 2 hours. We have an instructor-led, interactive session to educate and get these badges passed off together

Build portfolio & project repos

You can build a portfolio to contain your skill projects, or make them separate Github repos. Through this program, you should have a good body of work to prove your skills with.

Comprehensive levels:

Once you've earned all the required badges in a level, you are granted a title:

  • Apprentice: "Web Viking"
  • Journeyman: "Web Ninja"
  • Master: "Web Unicorn"

Contribute to this project!

(We accept pull requests)

This project is designed to be open-source to the Web Development discipline members. We really want and invite your input and contributions to make this program effective and exciting for everyone.


Skill Building Council

Peer Contributors: