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Welcome to TheSilentGuy, a talking (as in sound) IRC bot.

It is a little toy project build in the Hackerspace Brussels (hsbxl)[0], which is basically
a plugin for the phenny[1] IRC bot. espeak [2] is used as the text-to-speech
engine, since that is the easiest to use from python. You create a subprocess
and write to stdin of that process. Right now the plugin can do two things:

* it announces every user that joins a channel that phenny is connected to
  with the sentence "Dudes, $nick has joined the channel" (this requires some
  changes in the phenny code base that can be found in the "patches" directory

* it defines the ".talk" command which can be used by all admins of the bot to
  force to say custom things

The license of this module is GPLv3 [3]

To patch phenny to be able to use the module download the latest phenny from
[1] go into the toplevel directory and run:

patch -p0 < /path/to/TheSilentGuy/bot.diff

after that add the "src" dir to the "extra" list like so:

extra = ['/path/to/TheSilentGuy/src']

Now all people configured as admins are able to use ".talk" command.

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