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a daemon monitoring a directory and automatically resizing all images dropped into it
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resizR is a daemon written in python, which monitors the directory $HOME/resizR
and automatically resizes all images copied into that directory to multiple
sizes. It is based on pyinotify [0] and PIL [1].

The first time you start it (, it will create a directory structure like this:

$ tree resizR/
|-- 1024x768
|-- 1280x1024
|-- 1600x1200
`-- 800x600

As soon as you copy a new image into the resizR directory it will create a resized image for
all listed formats.

$ cp foo.png ~/resizR
$ tree resizR/
|-- 1024x768
|   `-- foo.png
|-- 1280x1024
|   `-- foo.png
|-- 1600x1200
|   `-- foo.png
|-- 800x600
|   `-- foo.png
`-- foo.png

It will also create a directory in your $HOME called .resizR with a file
called in it. In that file you can adjust the directory and the
sizes that resizR will use. 

Author: André Kelpe <efeshundertelf at googlemail dot com>
License: GPLv3 [2]
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