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a daemon monitoring a directory and automatically resizing all images dropped into it
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resizR is a daemon written in python, which monitors the directory $HOME/resizR
and automatically resizes all images copied into that directory to multiple
sizes. It is based on pyinotify [0] and PIL [1].

The first time you start it (resizR), it will create a directory structure like this:

$ tree resizR/
|-- 1024x768
|-- 1280x1024
|-- 1600x1200
`-- 800x600

As soon as you copy a new image into the resizR directory it will create a resized image for
all listed formats.

$ cp foo.png ~/resizR
$ tree resizR/
|-- 1024x768
|   `-- foo.png
|-- 1280x1024
|   `-- foo.png
|-- 1600x1200
|   `-- foo.png
|-- 800x600
|   `-- foo.png
`-- foo.png

It will also create a directory in your $HOME called .resizR with a file
called in it. In that file you can adjust the directory and the
sizes that resizR will use. 

You can run resizR from the checked out git repo or you can run the
program to install it locally into /usr/bin + its modules in the site-packages
directory of your python installation.

Author: André Kelpe <efeshundertelf at googlemail dot com>
License: GPLv3 [2]
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