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package experiments.esperakka
import com.espertech.esper.client._
import akka.event.{LookupClassification, ActorEventBus}
import com.gensler.scalavro.util.Union._
import com.gensler.scalavro.util.Union
import scala.reflect.runtime.{currentMirror => m}
abstract trait EsperClassification extends LookupClassification with EsperEngine {
this : ActorEventBus =>
type EsperEvents <: Union.not[_]
def esperEventTypes:Union[EsperEvents]
type Event = EsperEvent
type Classifier = String
// this is cool, types are now automagically registered when we need them to, but it would be even cooler
// if we did not have to ask the application programmer to instantiate the Union... missing TypeTags if we attempt to do it here
esperEventTypes.typeMembers() foreach(t => registerEventType(, m.runtimeClass(t)))
protected def mapSize() = 2
protected def classify(event: EsperEvent): Classifier = event.eventType
// from LookupCLassification
protected def publish(event: Event, subscriber: Subscriber): Unit = subscriber ! event
* Create an EPL statement with the given epl.
* Subscribers will get notified of the results by subscribing to the event type of the rule's output.
* Most useful for 'insert into EvtType select ...' kind of rules
* @param epl
def epl(epl: String) {
createEPL(epl) {evt => publish(evt)}
* Create an EPL statement with the given type and epl.
* Subscribers will get notified of the results by subscribing to the given event type .
* Most useful for simple 'select ...' kind of rules, where you may not know the event type of the result
* due to projections resulting in an underlying Map
* @param evtType event type used as the subscription topic
* @param epl
def epl(evtType:String, epl: String) {
createEPL(epl) {evt => publish(EsperEvent(evtType,evt.underlying))}
* typed version of insertEvent, enforcing the union type defined in EsperEvents
* @param event
def broadcast[T: prove[EsperEvents]#containsType](event: T): Unit = insertEvent(event)